Monday, February 13, 2012

[NEWS] U-Kiss Japan Debut Single [Tick Tack] Release Event Q&A

On December 17th, the popular group U-KISS held a release event for their debut single Tick Tack in Lazona Kawasaki, Japan. 6,000 fans waited for U-KISS’ appearance.
Ther was a lot of cheering when the 7 appeared. “Because our fans are here, it’s always heartwarming. We want to get number 1 in the Oricon Charts!” Leader Soohyun shouted. At the venue, the boys were greeted with a break out of cheers. 
When asked about the highlights of their Japanese debut song Tick Tack, Hoon answered, “the dance is very cool.”  They expressed their feelings of happiness on its release and Kiseop showed off his sexy dance.
Then the members were asked to recommend Korean cuisine. 
Dongho: samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)
Eli: seolleongtang (ox bone soup)
AJ: doenjang jjigae (bean paste vegetable stew) 
When asked “if you have a woman you like, what would you do?” Kevin performed “Crazy About You” with Dongho. The venue was full of laughter.
The highlights of the performance were when the fans were glued to their seats during U-KISS’s lively performance of their Japanese debut song “Tick Tack” and ballad song “0330 Japanese version.”
After their live performance, a media coverage was held. 
Q: How do you feel about your Japanese debut? 
Kiseop: I’m really happy. I want to thank all the fans.
Dongho: Before debut I was a little worried, but thanks to the fans I am no longer worried.
Kevin: I’m happy to be blessed with fans.
Soohyun: Because of the fans, I am happy. I love you all!
AJ : We will do our best so that we do not lose to the groups who have debuted earlier [in Japan].
Eli: Please support us a lot in the future!
Hoon: I feel relieved because of everyone. I love you!

Q: What was the most difficult point in Japanese?
Hoon: I had a hard time with the Japanese pronunciation during recording. It was difficult. 
Kevin: I have to practice pronunciation every day.
All members: I’ll do my best!

Q: Where did you mature the most compared to the past?
Dongho: My overall dance performance level went up.

Q: What are you excited about for your March tour?
Kevin: We’ve prepared a lot and want to show you a different side of U-KISS. Everyone, please come!
Dongho: We’re grateful that so many fans came today. Thank you. 
Soohyun: It’s our first time going to 6 places for our ZEPP tour. Please support us!
After that, they rushed to their hi-touch meeting. They enjoyed interacting with around 5,000 fans who bought the album.
U-KISS will release their second single in Japan on February 15th* next year, and starting on March 2nd,U-KISS First Japan Live 2012will tour at ZEPP performance halls around the country. The boys will be busy with their activities. Watch out for U-KISS! And please expect their new CD and performances!
Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + asian-hana + fuckyeahukiss

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