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[VIDEO] 111231 U-Kiss in MBC Gayo Daejun 2011

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[VIDEOS] 111229 U-Kiss in 12th South Korean Video Awards - Kevin Focused

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[VIDEO] 111231 U-Kiss in 12th South Korean Video Awards - Someday

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[NEWS] 111231 MBC Gayo Daejun's U-Kiss Performance Crisis

U-Kiss has experienced a broadcasting accident on MBC's Gayo Daejeon.
MBC Gayo Daejeon broadcasted live on December 31st at KyungGi KwangMyungShi's KwangMyung Dome. As U-KISS performance started, their confusion was immediately noticeable. U-Kiss planned to appear and open with '0330' and 'Neverland', after Secret and 4Minute's collaboration stage.

However the lyrics of '0330' at the beginning could not be heard, and the audience tilted their heads in uncertainty. Whether it was lack of timing, or a problem with the mic, the audience could not hear lyrics for a short period of time. During this time, the members were startled, looking at each other in surprise. They completed their 'Neverland' performance with flying colors, and no other problems were found.

The '2011 MBC Gayo Daejeon" was held on December 31st at KyungGi KwangMyungShi's KwangMyung Dome and Ilsan MBC's Dream Center.

This day, grand performances at the Dome were connected with the ones at the Dream Center but the mistakes were just as large.

The transition of the camerawork between the end of a performance at the Dome and the start of U-Kiss' performance at the Dream Center was unsmooth and irrelevant scenes were exposed to the public.
The U-KISS members were startled and confused, alerting staff, and completed their performance in their state of confusion.

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[TWITTER] 120101 Jimmy Won's Update

잇힝!!!!행사끝나고 산더랑^^ㅋㅋ

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