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[VIDEO] 111213 U-Kiss in Made in BS Japan

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[NEWS] 111214 U-Kiss Joys, Tears & Sweat All Revealed in "My Story"

MBN Star Documentary 'My Story' is a program boldly captures the behind-the-scene sides of stars and relays it back to you.

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The third protagonist is idol group, U-KISS. From the 19th, new light will be shed on U-KISS' past, present and future.

SooHyun, KiSeop, Eli, Kevin, DongHo, Hoon and AJ are the members make up the group U-KISS. U-KISS debuted in 2008 with the mini-album 'N-Generation'. The highlight of the group was the multi-national members that allowed them to head towards the 'international stage'.
Earlier this year, Alexander and KiBum had departed from the group, which hindered the group greatly. However, AJ and Hoon were added into the group and now they are steadily gaining popularity again.

After the member change, U-KISS displays a more 'mature' image in 'My Story' and discloses their plans to the audience.
They will be embarking on their nation-wide tour in Japan during March 2012, in addition to various releases. They have already gained notable fan support from South-East Asia and based o this, the program will introduce their strategies and plans of advancing to Japan.
U-KISS' first live of their debut single, 'Tick Tack', will also be shown during 'My Story'.
The members' lives will be shown in detail. Viewers will be able to see the details behind Kevin's birthday party and Eli's lonely work life as his family resides overseas. In addition, the members' hard-sweating gym routines will be revealed.

In the past, 'My Story' has featured actors which have drawn in an audience of older generation. U-KISS' feature is expected to raise the popularity of the show with the younger generation.

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[NEWS] 111214 U-Kiss to release 2nd Japanese single in February

U-Kiss officially made their debut with their Japanese single "Tick Tack" on December 14th, which received positive feedback from fans after the music video was officially released a few weeks ago. According to their Japanese website, U-Kiss will be continuing their Japanese activities and is set to release their 2nd Japanese single in February 2012.

The untitled single will be available to fans in 3 different editions on February 15.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss will also be preparing for their 1st Japan Tour titled "U-KISS 1st JAPAN TOUR 2012" in March after attending the end-of-the-year Korean music festivals.

U-Kiss is signed under Avex Entertainment, who will be managing their Japanese activities.

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[PHOTOS] 111214 U-KISS Photoshoot for Oricon Special Interview

[VIDEO] 111213 Alexander’s Thank You Note to Lunch Gathering Contestant

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[VIDEO] 111214 U-Kiss in Segment on Nagoya TV’s Dodesuka!

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[VIDEOS] 111213 U-kiss performance at Made In BS Japan

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[NEWS] 111213 U-Kiss Dongho makes full recovery, “Ready to debut in Japan”

U-KISS member Dongho who previously fractured his tailbone has now recovered and will be promoting in Japan with his fellow members.
Last month, Dongho began experiencing abnormal pain especially near his hips and after visiting with a doctor, it was discovered that he had fractured his tail bone. He received treatment, but the pain was consistent. It looked as though much time was needed to recover, and that it would be hard for him to pull off intense dance moves on stage.
An insider from U-KISS management informed StarNews on the 13th, “Dongho previously hurt his tailbone while filming an action scene for a movie, but has now completely recovered. He has been in Japan for the last few weeks visiting different cities and attending fan meet-and-greets as well as interviews, just as planned.”
After receiving an offer from AVEX, one of the largest entertainment labels in Japan, U-KISS just released their Japanese debut single “Tick Tack” on December 14th to officially kick off their Japanese promotions. This is the very first time U-KISS has released an album recorded completely in Japanese. After actively promoting for some time, the boys plan on holding an independent performance.
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[TWITTER] 111214 Hoon's Profile Pic Update

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