Friday, October 14, 2011

[NEWS] 111014 U-Kiss's Soohyun talks Japanese promotions + updates on his vocal cord nodule

On October 14th, U-KISS‘s Soohyun attended the press conference for the ’2011 Asia Song Festival‘, where he revealed the plans for U-KISS’s Japanese promotions.
Soohyun said, ”We plan to officially begin Japanese promotions in January. We’ll aim to appeal with our friendly charms, and we hope that our Japanese fans will forward to it.”
He continued, “Truthfully, the fact that we are sharing the ‘Asia Song Festival’ stage with famous Japanese singers makes me nervous. We will show a good image as a representative artist of Korea.
Soohyun also spoke about his condition after being diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule. ”I’m currently taking medicine diligently and I got an IV as well, so I am much better. I took a long break in order to participate in the ‘Asia Song Festival’. I will show a good image.
U-KISS will be sharing the stage with Japan’s electropop trio Perfume and mixed dance group AAA. China’s Zhou Bichang, Taiwan’s Peter Ho, Thailand’s Tata Young, and other famous singers will be joining them for the event as well.
The ’2011 Asia Song Festival will be opening on October 15th’ at the Daegu Stadium. Super Junior, SNSD, Lee Seung Gi, B2ST, G.NA, miss A, and U-KISS will be taking the stage as Korea’s representative artists.

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[TWITTER] 111014 BrainJoo's Update

To our Malaysian fans from & ~ Come if you can & say wassup to us~ we LOVE our fans

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[TWITTER] 111013 U-kiss Japan's Update

今日の一コマ(^ ^)

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[TWITTER] 111013 MPlus Ent's Official Update

알렉산더는 말레이시아에 잘 도착했습니다~ 내일 팬미팅에 많이 와주세요^^ Hotel Boulevard, Mid Valley 8th Pm 8:00 

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[TWITTER] 111013 Dongho's Update

오늘기분괜찮은데용~~ㅋㅋㅋ Self camera prisent ~^^ 

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[TWITTER] 111014 Lim Jun Yeon's Update

인기가요매거진10월호 유키스 스페셜 화보 및 인터뷰 꼼꼼 확인 중인 기섭과 훈~ 초대에박 구성!! 인가매거진 10월호 놓치면 후회욥!! 

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[PHOTOS] 111013 KiBum's Ameblo Update

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[PHOTOS] 111012 U-kiss in National Sports Festival Closing Ceremony - Soohyun

[VIDEO] 110914 K-Pop Festival In Japan - Kibum's MC Cut

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