Saturday, December 10, 2011

[NEWS] 111209 Alexander Greets Japanese Fans for the First Time in a Year

Former U-Kiss member Alexander recently announced that he would be embarking on a solo career. To kick things off in Japan, Alexander held his "Alexander Showcase Live 2011" on December 9 in Tokyo, Japan at the Akasaka Blitz.
It has been over a year since he has met his Japanese fans, so he made the event extra special for them by singing five songs live, including "That Man" from the "Secret Garden" drama OST and his new Japanese tracks, "Oh Baby" and "I'm JUST."
To his fans, he said, "I studied the Japanese language in college and personally have a lot of interest in Japanese culture. I'd love to improve on my language skills and slowly expand on my Japaense activities."
On the topic of U-Kiss and his new solo career, he said, "I'm nervous standing here without the U-Kiss members but also glad to be able to meet with my fans."
Alexander also noted that he'd love to work with some big name Japanese stars like Hamasaki Ayumi and Utada Hikaru.

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[TWITTER] 111209 Young Sang Lee's Update


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[TWITTER] 111209 Christy's Update - Alexander



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[TWITTER] 111209 Kibum's Update

우리 쪼꼬 어디있나~~ 요잉네~~~~!! 

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[TWITTER] 111209 Kevin's Update

kkkkk みんなが からあげ お勧めしますけど~ 今日は うどん食べました! おいしい~^^

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[TWITTER] 111209 U-Kiss Korea's Update - Inkigayo magazine October 2011 edition

인기가요매거진 2011년 10월호 유키스 동호개인컷^^

인기가요매거진 2011년 10월호 유키스 케빈개인컷^^

[TWITTER] 111209 An†hony Eusebio's Update

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[TWITTER] 111209 Dongho's Update


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