Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120118 U-Kiss in Hanryu Pia Magazine

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[NEWS] 120117 Alexander cast in drama ‘Immortal Masterpiece’

Alexander has been cast in Channel A’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Immortal Masterpiece’ as the character… Alexander. The first broadcast of the drama will air on the 14th of March, Wednesday.  

‘Immortal Masterpiece’ describes a cooking showdown between the successor of a renowned chef and the apprentice of a top chef. Between a Seolleongtang restaurant and a master of cooking, the drama will showcase the fate, misunderstandings and forgiveness over 4 generations of two families. The drama is reminiscent of artist Heo Young Man’s original movie ‘Le Grand Chef’. The main theme of ‘Immortal Masterpiece’ is Kimchi, following Channel A’s recent drama ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ as another ‘vegetable’ drama. Filming for the drama has commenced and will be done in Daejeon, South Korea. 

Channel A online streaming:
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[NEWS] 120118 Japan Chooses U-KISS as New Hallyu Stars of 2012

On a poll in Japan, the Japanese people were asked on who do they think will emerge as the new top Hallyu star this 2012, and in the survey, U-KISS took first place. U-KISS already had their official debut in Japan last year and had active promotions in Japan too. However, they have not yet reached the highest peak of their promotions in Japan.

It seems that the members of U-KISS has captivated the hearts of the Japanese fans and they are looking forward to U-KISS' Japan advancement this year. NH Media said, "We have plans on releasing new music in both Korea and Japan this year and we hope that it will be received well both domestically and overseas".

Meanwhile, U-KISS is set to release a new album this coming February and they will be embarking on a tour all over Japan by March.

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[TWITTER] 120117 U-Kiss Japan's update

本日、キソプの誕生日☆ レコーディングの合間にお祝いしましたー(≧∇≦*)


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[TWITTER] 120117 Kiseop's Update



케익까지 챙겨줘서 고마워요 형~!! 알~~라~~뷰^^ 

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[TWITTER] 120117 Ryan Jhun's Update

섭아 이날기억 나제 싸랑한데이 행님이 열심히 하깨 항상 고맙다

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[TWITTER] 120117 U-Kiss Korea's Update

유키스 91라인의 젤 큰 형아!기섭군의 생일을 축하합니다! 축하멘션 많이 보내주세요^-^ 생일기념 오랜만에 사진업♡

2012/1/17 KiSeopDay! 즐겁게 보내고 계신가요?기섭데이!오늘 하루의 시작과 끝은 역시 이기섭!남은 시간도 즐겁게 보내시라고 미리 선물해 드립니당!^-^

녹음하는 중 미니 생일파티! 생일 축하해주셔서 너무 고마워요♡

촛불 끌때까진 참 좋았는데..ㅎㅎㅎ 이상! 멤버들에게 격한 축하를 받은 기섭이였습니다^^

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