Friday, September 30, 2011

[TWITTER] 110930 U-kiss Official Update

U-KISS 공식응원도구 슬로건ver2 출시!ver1에서 업그레이드 되어 더욱더 키스미스러운 컬러로 새롭게 태어났습니다:) 자세한 내용은 여기서->

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[TWITTER] 110930 Soohyun's Update

오늘 뮤직뱅크 mc현우형과 트위터 맞팔했어요!! 어김없이 맞팔기념 셀카! 얼굴짱작고 미남이십니다... ㅠㅠ
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[TWITTER] 110930 Kim Hyun Woo's Update

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[PHOTOS] 110930 U-kiss For Joff Photoshoot

[VIDEO] 110928 KBS Dream Team - SooHyun focused

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[VIDEOS] 110923 U-Kiss in Peace Broadcasting Special Event (Dongwon University)

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[VIDEOS] 110923 U-Kiss in OBS DTV Yeoncheon Love Concert

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[VIDEO] 110929 U-Kiss Arirang TV Show Biz Korea - AJ focused

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[VIDEO] 110929 U-Kiss in Mnet The Beatles Code Ep.2

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[VIDEO] 110930 Ukiss in Music bank - Neverland

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[PHOTOS] 110929 U-KISS at Mnet M!Countdown (Part-2)

[TWITTER] 110929 U-kiss Japan Official Update


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[NEWS] 110930 U-Kiss in Soohyun wants to date Han So Young

U-KISS‘s Soohyun chose Han So Young as the genuine girl he would like to date.
The September 29th broadcast of QTV‘s ‘Women Ranking Season 4‘, featured both single men and women while highlighting the topic, “Marriage No!, Who do you want to only date?
Soo Hyun ranked Han So Young as his top choice in the woman he would like to date. Soohyun confessed, “Since she is young and has excellent fitness, I can play with her long into the night. I know her as a bagel girl so I want her to show it off when we date, which is why I chose her.
Lee Hwi Jae responded, “When you date, she’s a bagel, but then when you marry her, she’s bread,” which caused much laughter in the studio.
For those that don’t know, a girl is referred to as “Bagel” when she has a baby face while also having a beautiful curvacious body.
 Meanwhile, Soohyun ranked Ahn Sun Young 6th as the woman he would like to date the most, while his fellow member Eli chose her as 1st.

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[TWITTER] 110929 Dongho's Update

허각형님ㅋㄱ 쩌각형님의일위를축하합니당!!ㅋ 저희가 다 너무좋아하는 형님이일등해서 저희들도 너무기뻤습니다!!*^^* 앞으로 더대박나시구 저희도좀ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사진은 포토바이 동호라... 제가없어요ㅜㅜㅋ

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[TWITTER] 110929 Kiseop's Update

훈아 잘먹을께! 훈이 엄니!!!^^감사합니다!! 우아아아~~~산삼이다!!오늘은 안피곤하겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ오예~~!

허각형 1위 무대 by 동호 우리가 행복해^ㅡ^ 너무 축하해요~~형!알라뷰

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

[PHOTOS] 110929 U-KISS at Mnet M!Countdown (news photos)

[NEWS] 110929 Huh Gak shares his moment of joy on ‘M! Countdown’ with U-KISS and INFINITE

Huh Gak‘s win on this week’s episode of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ has stunned the industry.
This self-proclaimed rookie was up against households names KARA and Davichi, but he managed to come away with the #1 win with his song “Hello“. It seems Huh Gak didn’t expect to win over the two girl groups, as he looked almost dumbfounded when his name was announced by the MCs. The reality seemed to hit when he was suddenly rushed by the overjoyed members of U-KISS and INFINITE, who tried to lift him up and bounce him, but settled for proud pats on the back instead.
During his victory speech, Huh Gak made sure to thank the members of his A Cube family and labelmates A Pink“To my loving father, brother, my loving friends, and our U-KISS!  And INFINITE!  And our KARA!  Thank you so much.  Thank you to Tony [An] sunbae.  I promise to work hard, thank you!”
Right in the middle of his encore stage, he also made sure to give a special shout out to his fans, ‘Gak Byul In’ (‘Special’), by stating, “I forgot.  I love you, Gak Byul In!”
Check out his win and encore if you haven’t already!

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[PHOTOS] 110924 Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia - U-Kiss (part-3)

[PHOTOS] 110925 U-Kiss in LG Dream Festival (news photo)

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[VIDEO] 110929 U-Kiss in M!Countdown - Neverland

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[PHOTOS] 110928 KBS Dream Team Recording - SooHyun

[NEWS] 110929 U-kiss in Hoon and Dongho cast for new TV movie, "Holyland"

U-KISSs Hoon and Dongho have been cast for an upcoming made-for-TV movie called ‘Holyland‘!
These members of U-KISS have enjoyed extensive experience in the acting industry like ‘Royal Family‘, ‘My Black Mini-Dress‘, ‘Mister Idol‘,  ‘Don’t Cry Mommy‘ and ‘Real School‘.  ‘Holiday’ will round out to be the sixth project that the group will be undertaking, and the fourth for ‘acting idol’ Dongho.
Dongho started off his career with side roles and slowly built his way up to finally landing a leading role with ‘Holiday’.  The movie was produced by cable channel OCN and is directed by Park Ki Hyung of ‘Whispering Corridors‘.  This four-part movie will be about a rebellious group of high school students.
The two will be focusing on the group’s ‘Neverland‘ promotions before beginning filming in November.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[TWITTER] 110928 Kevin's Update

오늘 귀요미 발견! 이름은 햇살~ 근데 표정은 화났어ㅠㅠ고양이들은 같이 사진 찍기힘들어 ㅋ Say hello to Sunshine the adorable little kitty^^ I think she's mad

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[TWITTER] 110928 U-Kiss Japan's Update

U-KISSの現場はいつも笑顔がいっぱいです(^ ^)

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[TWITTER] 110928 Beatles Code's Update

*홍종구&유키스, 제2탄! 그들이 소름을 넘어 자지러질 수밖에 없었던 이유! 9/29 목요일밤 12시! 충격적인(?) 현장을 확인하세요! 

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[TWITTER] 110928 U-Kiss Official's Update

천무단콘서트후 야구공을 선물로 받았습니다!무려 동호사인버전!ㅎㅎ요 기념적인 야구공을 10/3,4 사인회에 참석하신 총10분께 추첨을통해 선물로 드립니다!추첨공지는 사인회당일 트위터를 통해 알려드릴게요~^^

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[TWITTER] 110928 Soohyun's Update

잡지촬영하러왔어요^^ 오랜만에 셀카입니당!!^^ 아!! 오늘 슈퍼주니어 신동이형 생일이에요!!!^^ 생일축하합니다 형님^^ 

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[TWITTER] 110928 Kiseop's Update


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[TWITTER] 110928 Lim jun yeon's Update

네버랜드에서 온 일곱남자!! 유키스가 인기가요매거진에 등장합니다 스페셜 풀 페이지~ 기대하셔도 좋을 듯. 으흣!

남순이와 함께 단란하게 인가매거진 인터뷰 중인 동호~ ㅎㅎㅎ 어떤 각도로 찍든, 그렇게 미소년일 수가 없다는... ㅜㅜ

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[VIDEOS] 110918 U-Kiss in MBC Forest is The Future Event

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[AUDIO] 110927 U-Kiss in Choi Hwa Jeong's Power Time

[TWITTER] 110927 Kibum's Update

오랜만에 쪼꼬사진! "Hi~~~?

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[PHOTOS] 110927 Sponsor Update - SooHyun & Kevin for Shoe Marker

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[VIDEO] 110927 U-Kiss in Mnet The Beatles Code

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[VIDEO] 110922 U-Kiss in M!Countdown Backstage

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[PHOTOS] 110917 U-Kiss on Ystar 10th CMB ChinChin Star Festival - Kevin

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[VIDEO] 110927 U-Kiss in Korea in Motion Fesival 2011 - Neverland

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[PHOTOS] 110924 Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia - U-Kiss (part-2)

[PHOTOS] 110924 Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia - U-Kiss

[NEWS] 110927 NH Media cancels a day of U-KISS’s schedule to let the boys rest

U-KISS has canceled all of their schedules for September 27th to give the boys some rest from their extremely stressful schedules.
On September 27th, NH Media announced, “U-KISS will be canceling everything they have scheduled to take time off and rest.”
Since their “Neverland” comeback, the boys have been traveling all over the world to promote their album as actively as possible.  Unfortunately, the fatigue and stress piled up, which representatives took immediate notice of.  Recognizing that this could affect the boys’ promotions, NH Media decided to go ahead and cancel all activities to give them a moment to breathe.
On the 24th, the boys headed to Malaysia and returned on the 25th to perform on ‘Inkigayo‘.  They then went over to Japan to handle issues relating to their visas for their future promotions. They still have music programs lined up, as well as a trip to Taiwan on October 3rd.
Representatives stated, “Their health and stamina can only take so much and it seems their limits have been reached.  We were intending to focus on their Korean promotions this time but with the addition of overseas activities, they tried so very hard to work diligently in everything. Now, it’s hard for them to mentally stand the day.”
The members themselves said, “Although we tried to focus on just our Korean promotions, there were activities that we just couldn’t pass up in consideration for our futures.  We’re trying our best to handle both at once, but fatigue is inevitably building up. We’re all young, though, so resting one day is already energizing in itself.  We’ll come back with a more lively image starting tomorrow.”

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[TWITTER] 110926 KiBum Profile Pic Update

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[PHOTOS] 110927 U-kiss in Choi Hwa Jeong's Power Time Radio

[PHOTOS] 110918 U-Kiss in MBC Forest is The Future Event - Hoon (Part-2)

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