Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[TWITTER] 111213 MPlusEntertainment's Update

일본 쇼케이스 전 대기실에서 알렉산더와 T.M.F 댄서 형들 

 일본 쇼케이스 전 기자회견 중인 알렉산더 입니다~ 

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[PHOTOS] 111212 Alexander in Japan Showcase

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[VIDEO] 111213 U-Kiss in Tick Tack MV Making

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[PHOTO] 111213 News Picture Update - Alexander

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[VIDEO] 111212 Alexander- TVN E News interview

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[TWITTER] 111212 Dongho's Update

플픽 원본사진ㅋㅋ

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[NEWS] 111213 Former U-KISS member Alexander releases first solo album,"I Just"

Singer Alexander who has received much love and support from fans with “Not Young” and “Man Man Ha Ni” as a former U-KISS member has just released his first solo album, ‘I Just‘. The digital single album highlights Alexander’s cute and loveable appeal, and it is receiving high interest as it is a project he worked on with artists such as M.I.B, San-E & Outsider.
The album was co-produced by rookie producing team Rphabet, as well e.one who helped produce songs for V.O.S, Nassun, Chinese top-star Vision Wei, and more. The album will be released in Japanese and English versions and Alexander will be actively promoting his first solo album across the Asian continent.
His title song “I Just” is an R&B track with a Asian-style melody in which Alexander bashfully confesses his love for his young lady friend. The MV for the track was also filmed in both Japanese and English versions and will be released simultaneously in Japan, as well as the rest of Asia. His follow-up track “Oh! Baby” is an upbeat, addictive dance track with a powerful melody paired with a rap that well expresses Alexander’s innocent and cute image. Fans will also get a taste of a different side of Alexander with special track “Bad Girl“, in which he sings of still longing for the girl that left and hurt him. “Bad Girl” was previously released at a Hong Kong fan meet in August, and Alexander has included it in this album as a way of saying thank you to his fans who have continued to support him to this day. ‘I’m Just’ is an album that’s sure to warm the hearts of Alexander’s fans this cold winter season.

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[TWITTER] 111212 U-Kiss Korea's Update

안마의자의 편안함이란...잠이 솔솔~ㅎㅎ

오늘하루도 웃으면서 마무리하세요~뽀나스!대두형제들♪ 

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[TWITTER] 111213 Lee Sangmi's Update

* 앨범 발매 기념! 쟈켓 촬영 중 셀카찍고 있는 알렉산더 군! 첫 솔로 앨범 대박!!

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