Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[PHOTOS] 111219 U-Kiss In Japan debut "I feel a deep sense"

[NEWS] 111220 Alexander kicks off his solo showcase tour in Japan and Malaysia

U-KISS‘s former member Alexander has kicked off his solo showcase tour to a successful start in Japan and Malaysia!
On December 9th, he held his ‘Alexander Showcase Live 2011‘ in Japan and was greeted by a crowd of 700 fans and 100 industry officials.
A director of his Japanese concert promotions stated, “Alexander showed dancing and singing skills that exceeded the expectations of officials from music labels, so they took a lot of interest in him. He’s also someone that the Japanese people take very well to character-wise, so we’re looking forward to seeing what he can show on dramas or variety shows.”
On the 17th, he headed for Malaysia to perform at NTV7‘s ‘Star Live Concert‘, where he sang “Bad Girl” and “That Man” as a special guest. On the 18th, he held his second showcase with 1,500 fans, and performed his title track, “I Just“, along with other songs like “Oh! Baby“, “Bad Girl”. He also did a special shuffle dance.
Fans commented, “It’s nice to see him so confident even while standing alone“, and “It was worth waiting for him.”
Representatives of his Malaysia showcase stated, “His numerous charms makes him stand out as a singer. He’s also capable of several languages, so we’re absolutely sure that he’ll be well-loved by not only Malaysia, but all of Asia.”

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[PHOTOS] 111220 Alexander’s Showcase in Kuala Lumpur (part-2)

[TWITTER] 111219 U-Kiss Japan's Official Update



[NOTICE] 111219 MBN Star Documentary "My Story" Broadcast Delay

1st Notice:
Hello, this is MBN My Story's Team!
U-KISS' My Story episode 1 was scheduled to be aired today however due to the sudden death of Kim Jong Il, it has been postponed.
This delay is expected to last until tomorrow, however I will notify everyone again through this board about any further changes or if broadcast will return to normal.
Sorry for the inconvenience to the fans who waited anxiously. ^^;
We really worked hard to prepare for it and it has also gone to waste.
Don't be sad and just wait a little longer!
Thank you!

2nd Notice:
This is MBN My Story's team.
Starting from today, U-KISS first episode of My Story will broadcast~
The second episode will air tomorrow evening at 7:30PM, the third episode will air the day after tomorrow at 7:30PM...and it will air like this until Friday where the fourth episode will air!
Episode 1 - 5 will air on Saturday from 9:30AM to 12 noon in one broadcast!
Tuesday (TODAY) 7:30PM - Episode 1
Wednesday 7:30PM - Episode 2
Thursday 7:30PM - Episode 3
Friday 7:30PM - Episode 4
Saturday 9:30AM - Episode 1 - 5
- We'll be airing this way, make sure you catch the broadcast!^^

Our team is very delighted to hear that U-KISS is gathering popularity in Japan.
In the future, our production team will also support U-KISS.

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