Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[NEWS] 111226 U-Kiss and Rainbow win the ‘Most Photogenic of the Year’ award

Rainbow and U-KISS (among many others) have been dubbed as the ‘Most Photogenic of the Year‘!
On December 29th, the Korea Broadcasting Camera Directors Association will be holding the ‘12th Korean Video Daejun‘. One of the categories will honor the most photogenic stars of the year in various areas of the entertainment industry.
The awards ceremony brings together camera directors that work at KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, and OBS, asking them to choose who they think had the best features (as caught on camera).
This year, the list of the ‘most photogenic’ winners are:
Singers: U-KISS, Rainbow
Actresses: Lee Tae Sung, Shin Se Kyung
Movie Stars: Shin Hyun Joong, Kim Hye Soo
Gagmen/women: ‘Thank You Team’, Shin Bora
Sports: Hong Sung Heun, Kim ja Young
MC: Choi Ki Hwan, Kim Kyung Ran
The ceremony will be broadcast through KBS on December 31st.

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[PHOTOS] 111217 Alexander In Malaysia NTV7 Concert (part-2)

[NEWS] 111226 U-Kiss Remake of “Lifetime” Enters the Top of Various Music Charts

U Kiss who is currently in Japan, released a digital single “Lifetime For KISS Me” on December 22 for Korean fans. This single attracted attention because it entered the top of various music charts as soon as it was released.

U Kiss’s “Lifetime For KISS Me” ranked 2nd place on Bugs Music chart, and entered in the top 20 in other charts

Not only that many fans have great expectations for the music video even though it has not been released yet.

Currently, U Kiss is popular with their debut single “Tick Tack.” The news of their digital single entering high charts will make U Kiss feel light on their feet when they come back to Korea to attend various end-year award ceremonies.

“Lifetime For KISS Me” is a song that a male duo UN released back in year 2000. Member AJ remade the song, keeping the lyrics and melodies of the original song, yet changing the style a lot more light and lively for winter atmosphere.

It is said that U Kiss’s vocals and raps are remade well and once again proved themselves as an idol group.

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[TWITTER] 111225 Kevin's Update

Did you guys spend a good Christmas Day? 오늘 크리스마스 잘 보냈나요? ㅋ 한국 많이 춥다면서요! 今日 一日 よく過ごしましたか? ぼくは 今日 楽しかったです*^^* 風を気をつけてね~

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[TWITTER] 111225 Alexander's Update

Learning how to make THIS from my 2 GIRL cousins~ LOL! Mine's the white/turquoise~ Hope to make this for YOU someday^-^ 

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[TWITTER] 111225 U-Kiss Japan's Official Update



いよいよ本番前打合せ! 楽しみにして下さいね~♪ 

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[TWITTER] 111225 KiBum's Update

Merry Christmas~!

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[TWITTER] 111226 Hoon's Update

Good night ~ ㅎㅎ 잘자요 ~ ㅎㅎ おやすみ ~ ㅎㅎ 히헤히 

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