Sunday, December 18, 2011

[VIDEO] 111217 U-Kiss in Japan High Five Meeting

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[VIDEO] 111216 U-Kiss "Tick Tack" Rehearsal

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[TWITTER] 111217 U-Kiss japan's Official Update



[TWITTER] 111217 Kevin's Update

1回は 楽しかったです! 今は ぼくの 好み からあげ 食べています! *^^* 2回も ファイト! 

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[TWITTER] 111217 Eli's Update

hehe heres a Good Morning gift hahaha

이 방귀같은놈들~ “: 너너 너 임마 너!”

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[NEWS] 111218 U-Kiss Successful "Tick Tick" Launching Events Gathers 6000 Fans

On December 17th, group U-KISS held a release event for their Japanese debut single "Tick Tack", which 6000 female fans had attended. On this day, U-KISS' performances of their debut title song 'Tick Tack' and ballad song '0330' Japanese version garnered a lot of cheers from the fans.
Leader SooHyun stated, "To be together with fans today warms my heart". With a bright expression, he also 'requested' for a Christmas gift, "Santa, (we) want to win No.1 on the Oricon charts", in which fans responded with applause and cheers.
U-KISS' Japanese debut single landed at 3rd place on the Oricon charts upon its release. KiSeop stated that he was "extremely happy" to have received such support.
After their live performance they proceeded with an interview, they stated "It's really a great honour to be able to officially debut in Japan" "We're really happy to be able to receive so much support from our fans. In the future, we will work even harder to make our fans happier".
U-KISS also expressed their gratitude towards the 5000 fans supported them with purchase at Hi-Touch.

U-KISS will release their 2nd Japanese single on February 15th and embark on their nation wide tour "U-KISS First Live Tour 2012" on March 2nd in Japan.

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