Friday, February 3, 2012

[NEWS] 120201 U-KISS to Release 2nd Single & 1st Full-length Album Simultaneously in Japan

On February 2nd, the group updated its official Japanese website and revealed to release the single alongside first full-length Japanese album simultaneously.
According to the website, U-KISS’ new single “Forbidden Love“ and the album “A Shared Dream“ will both released in Japan on February 29th.

U-KISS has been receiving an overwhelming response since their debut with first Japanese single “TICK TACK”, placing within the top ten of Oricon’s music chart in December. The group was also chosen as the most anticipated Hallyu star of 2012 by a popular Japanese portal site.

Meanwhile, the group will also hold an event with selected fans to commemorate the release of their albums though its date and venue have yet to be announced.

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + 10asia + KAvenyou + ROCKETBOXX

[NEWS] 120201 U-KISS 2nd Japanese Single "Forbidden Love"

1. Forbidden Love
2. Redial
3. Forbidden Love (instrumental)
4. Redial (instrumental)

As usual, there will be multiple versions of the single and will contain different content, as well as alternate CD covers.
 Limited Edition Mu-mo Shop CD:

For more information about each CD, head over to Yesasia or CD Japan.

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[TWITTER] 120201 Soohyun's Update

나이제 잘래영~~ 멘션못받았다구 서운해하지마 그대신 사진줄께!! 잘자요 내사랑 kissme 

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @ukissSH

[TWITTER] 120202 Alexander's Update

Snow covered the lake of Lotte World~ Snow lake~ so romantic... fairy tale world... anime world... :)

오늘 일끝나고 오랜만에 혼자 신천 세마을시장에 장보러갔어요! 근데 날씨 너무 추워서 가게 많이 닫았어요.. ㅠ_ㅠ 그래도 사고싶은 음식 다 샀어요!^-^ 오늘 지하철도 타고 장보러가고 너무 행복합니다! 할렐루야!
Went to market to buy some yummy stuffs back home after finished work~ Glad that I can live such a casual life~^-^

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[TWITTER] 120202 KiBum's Update

오늘 한국 굉장히 춥다면서요? 일본도 지역별로 많게는 339cm까지 눈이왔다네요. 감기조심 운전조심 눈조심!

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @90KKB

[TWITTER] 120202 Kiseop's Update

아이쿠 우리 아가들.... 깔끔하게 밥도 잘먹네^^;;;;으하하핳핳

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @KISSeop91

[TWITTER] 120202 U-Kiss Korea's Official Update

[일본] 2nd Single 자켓 미리보기! (CD+DVD) 자켓A버전! WOW! (*♥ω♥)b

[일본] 2nd Single 자켓 미리보기2 (CD) 자켓B버전! 오호~♪ 

[일본] 2nd Single 『Forbidden Love』자켓미리보기3 (mu-mo&이벤트회장 한정반)! Olleh!!!! ♡_♡

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @ukisskorea

[TWITTER] 120202 MPlusEnt's Official Update

날씨가 많이 추워졌어요~ 여러분들 건강 조심하시구요~ 오늘도 산더는 드라마 촬영을 위해 열심히 무채썰기 신공을 연습 중이랍니다~ 채써는 모습도 잘 어울리죠?^^

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @MPlusEntNews 

[TWITTER] 120202 Dongho's Update

지하주차장에서 시간가는줄모르게 열심히 촬영하고 나왔는대...밖이...저래ㅡ

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