Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[VIDEOS] 111231 U-Kiss In Incheon West Sunset Festival - Kevin Focused

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + woorikevin@YT

[VIDEO] 111231 U-Kiss in MBC Gayo Daejun 2011 - Kevin Focused

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + woorikevin@YT

[VIDEO] 120101 U-Kiss Happy New Year For KISS Me!

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + ukiss2008@YT

[VIDEOS] 111230 U-Kiss in KBS Gayo Daejun 2011 - Soohyun Focused

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + wldkfus@YT

[NEWS] 120102 U-Kiss to make a comeback in April

The members of U-KISS have given Kiss Me‘s around the world a special New Year’s shoutout through YouTube!
The boys thanked their fans for all the love and support given throughout the year 2011, and thanked their Korean fans especially for being patient while they promoted frequently overseas.
Leader Soo Hyun stated, “Thank you to all our fans back at home for always supporting and loving us. I think that it’s the best that you guys always have our backs! Please continue to love us in the year 2012 and let’s finally make a hit! We are planning on making our comeback around April, so please bear with us [until then]!
U-KISS threw an adorable ending to the video by loudly proclaiming their love to their fans (“I love you KISS Me’s!“), while making hearts with their hands and blowing out kisses.

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + allkpop

[TWITTER] 120102 Kevin's Update

Starting the new year off with a cold...oh man -_-; Hope you guys don't catch one like me! Have a great FIRST Monday! 
헉...새 해 부터 감기다...ㅠㅠ 여러분 저 처럼 감기 걸리면 안돼요! 조심조심~~ 風邪です~ >_< 気をつけてください みなさん! 2012の 初日から。。。悲しいです ㅠㅠ ファイチィング~~~!!!

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @Kevinwoo91

[TWITTER] 120102 Dongho's Update

아직까지 잠을 못잔이유 지금다시보면 말도안되게 드라마틱하구나!저때로 돌아가고싶은 마음도 생긴다. 야구하고싶다. 제일큰 마음은..맴버분들 너무 보고싶다. 형누나들! 새해복많이받으세요!ㅎ저땐 덕분에너무행복했어요^^ㅎ

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @Dongho94