Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[VIDEO] 110927 U-Kiss in Korea in Motion Fesival 2011 - Neverland

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[PHOTOS] 110924 Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia - U-Kiss (part-2)

[PHOTOS] 110924 Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia - U-Kiss

[NEWS] 110927 NH Media cancels a day of U-KISS’s schedule to let the boys rest

U-KISS has canceled all of their schedules for September 27th to give the boys some rest from their extremely stressful schedules.
On September 27th, NH Media announced, “U-KISS will be canceling everything they have scheduled to take time off and rest.”
Since their “Neverland” comeback, the boys have been traveling all over the world to promote their album as actively as possible.  Unfortunately, the fatigue and stress piled up, which representatives took immediate notice of.  Recognizing that this could affect the boys’ promotions, NH Media decided to go ahead and cancel all activities to give them a moment to breathe.
On the 24th, the boys headed to Malaysia and returned on the 25th to perform on ‘Inkigayo‘.  They then went over to Japan to handle issues relating to their visas for their future promotions. They still have music programs lined up, as well as a trip to Taiwan on October 3rd.
Representatives stated, “Their health and stamina can only take so much and it seems their limits have been reached.  We were intending to focus on their Korean promotions this time but with the addition of overseas activities, they tried so very hard to work diligently in everything. Now, it’s hard for them to mentally stand the day.”
The members themselves said, “Although we tried to focus on just our Korean promotions, there were activities that we just couldn’t pass up in consideration for our futures.  We’re trying our best to handle both at once, but fatigue is inevitably building up. We’re all young, though, so resting one day is already energizing in itself.  We’ll come back with a more lively image starting tomorrow.”

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[TWITTER] 110926 KiBum Profile Pic Update

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[PHOTOS] 110927 U-kiss in Choi Hwa Jeong's Power Time Radio

[PHOTOS] 110918 U-Kiss in MBC Forest is The Future Event - Hoon (Part-2)

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[PHOTOS] 110923 U-Kiss in Peace Broadcasting Special Event - Eli

[VIDEO] 110926 Artist Bites - U-Kiss Interview

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