Thursday, November 24, 2011

[PHOTOS] 111124 U-Kiss - Sponsor Update

[VIDEO] 111124 U-Kiss in Japanese debut single - "Tick Tack" MV Preview

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[VIDEO] 111123 Made in BS Japan - Kibum

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[VIDEO] 111123 Alexander Greeting Fans from Korea for his Solo Showcase in Malaysia

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[NEWS] 111124 U-Kiss's Dongho injures tailbone during movie filming

It’s been revealed that U-KISS‘s maknae, Dongho, was recently involved in an accident during his movie shoot.
On November 21st, the idol wrapped up a day of shooting on set when he felt sudden pain around his lower back area. After going to the hospital, he discovered that he had cracked his tailbone. The injury was treated, but he’s still feeling pain and was told he needed sufficient time to rest and recover.
The injury brought a wave of concern for the group’s promotions schedule, as they’re currently slated to make their Japanese debut on December 14th with the single, “Tick Tack“.
On November 24th, NH Media stated, “We are working hard to make sure that the injury will not affect U-KISS’s Japanese promotions.”
At this time, Dongho is said to be having difficulty performing the intense choreography set for U-KISS’s upcoming debut.
Stay tuned for updates on his condition.

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[TWITTER] 111123 U-Kiss Korea's Update

2011년 11월 인기가요 매거진!SOMEDAY 3D뮤비 촬영현장이 실려있습니당!크레이지아이돌사이트에서 개별주문 가능하니 체크하세용!^^

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[TWITTER] 111123 Kiseop's Update

우리 이쁜 쌤~!! 이제 당분간 못보는구나.... 잘있어..ㅠㅠㅠ흑흑... 집 잘지켜!!!!!안녕....ㅠ

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