Sunday, October 2, 2011

[NEWS] 111002 Alexander Eusebio Gives Fans a Sneak Peek into "Trainee" Life

Alexander Eusebio is coming back! At least that is the news around town. The former U-KISS member has been dancing, singing, and just plain working hard for his expected debut later this fall. Before Christmas rolls around, the singer hopes he will greet Xanderettes on the stage with a whole new image. Until that magical debut, Alexander is updating his fans on his daily routines as well as some some special “extras”. Check out his tweets below about life, idol training, and the pursuit of music below:
“When u guys tweet @ me, u wonder if I read ur msg or not. YES, I read. Even if I couldn't say YES to everyone but I tweet something related … I believe that's the same with PRAYERS. We pray n wonder if God listens. I believe, it's YES. And He answers in ways we can't imagine. :) … Juz a sudden thought... Something I realised... Keep ya FAITH everyone~ It's not gonna be easy... but never too hard too~ I'm w/ y'all... :) …
 Morning exercise = OMG... That's my secret for not getting fat despite eating a lot~ OK? Hehe
 thought I couldn't finish too, but I did~ ″Impossible is Nothing - Adidas″ Oh, want a sweaty sneak peak of me?  LOL
It's so cold today... but still sweated a lot~ That's the power of exercise~ Wealthy or pretty, but poor health = nth~ Health = priority"
So, keep the tweets coming and support strong! This current M Plus Entertainment “trainee” deserves all the love for his hard work. Fans didn’t forget to show their appreciation with comments like: “… happy to see you tweet a pic of you!!^^ really miss you la xander!~ Fighting!”, “although ur sweaty i'm willing to give you a hug oppa..can I” and “xander wow! you're sweating too much. exercise is very good for health as well as nourishing food. you look so cool”.

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[TWITTER] 111002 Kevin's Update

I'm proud of every KM in the world! I wish to meet every one of you guys someday! * Hello Kevin * LOL

오랜만에 셀카! ㅋㅋ セルフカメラです~ ^^
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[TWITTER] 111002 Hoon's Update

오늘은 폭트 안하구 눈붙일거니까~ 셀카로 바주세요~^^ ㅎㅎ >_< ㅋ헤

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[TWITTER] 111002 Alexander's Update

I love autumn... This is wt I see near my house~ sooooo peaceful... feel like jumping in... I think I need a date... :( 

Had an interview juz now~ But so tired now... Suddenly no mood after sunset... Maybe I need a catnap~ Meow...♪(=3=)ZzZ  

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[TWITTER] 111002 U-Kiss Japan's Update


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[TWITTER] 111001 Hoon's Update

케빈이랑 차에서 공부할거에요! 말리지마요!! 히히헤하 ㅎ 
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[TWITTER] 111001 KiBum's Update

okay~ Hv a nice day~

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[VIDEO] 110929 QTV Women Ranking Season 4 - U-Kiss cut

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