Thursday, January 19, 2012

[NEWS] 120118 U-Kiss selected as #1 Hallyu group to watch out for in Japan

Boy band U-KISS has been selected as the #1 Hallyu group to watch out for in Japan this year.
Major Japanese portal site ‘Zapallas‘ conducted a survey asking users who they thought would be ’2012′s Greatest Hallyu star in Japan’. U-KISS member Kevin secured the #1 spot under the ‘Hallyu star’ category, while the group as a whole came in at #1 under the ‘group’ category.
100 famous Japanese fortune tellers also took part in the survey, making their decisions based on astrological signs, blood types, as well as 574 other ways to determine fortune for the new year. Taking into consideration that a drama series and a movie is being considered to be made about the boys in both Korea and Japan, the participants felt that U-KISS would be able to further make a name for themselves in Japan.
On top of speaking Korean, the U-KISS members also speak English, Japanese, as well as Chinese, and the boys have made their faces known by speaking English on global programs that aired overseas. This year, the boys are determined to succeed in Japan as well as deliver solid performances in Korea in order to rise to the top.
U-KISS will be traveling back and forth from Korea to Japan and are preparing for their Japanese album scheduled to be released in February, as well as their Japanese Tour that begins in March. Members Dongho and Hoon will have an especially busy year, as they have also been cast in the new drama series ‘Holy Land‘.

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + allkpop + Newsen via Nate

[TWITTER] 120118 Alexander's Update

今日の晩ご飯!牛丼!美味しい~~~ 오늘 저녁은...규돈! 귀엽다~ 진짜 귀 없네? 헐... 저의 테러블 한글 개그... ㅋㅋㅋ~ 

심심해서 note도 썼어요~ ㅋㅋ~ Catch me if you can! My habit: Leaving notes like other customers in cafe/restaurants I like~ :D

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[TWITTER] 120118 U-Kiss Korea's Update

드디어 공개!키스미3기 회원카드!멤버별 메세지카드와 카드지까지 8장으로 구성되어 있습니다!심플한 앞면!회원정보는 뒷면에 새겨져 있답니다^^국내는 이번주에 대부분 수령가능합니다! 

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