Sunday, October 30, 2011

[TWITTER] 111030 Kevin's Update

WOAH! I've reached 300,000 followers today~ Thank you for always being there for me! You guys mean everything to me! ♥ 

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[TWITTER] 111030 U-Kiss Korea's Update

"SOMEDAY" 3D뮤직비디오 촬영하고 있어요!!기대많이 해주세요~ (케빈) 

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[PHOTOS] 111016 U-Kiss in Y STAR Live Power Concert - Kevin (part-2)

[PHOTOS] 111029 U-Kiss in 2012 Calendar (Japan Version)

[NEWS] 111028 U-Kiss’s Dongho, took a picture of himself

U-KISS’s Dongho tweeted a picture  with the comment, ” I’m in Gwangalli, Busan. I visted here to perform at concert.”
In the picture,Dongho posed in front of the beautiful beach in Busan, wearing his sunglasses with stylish hair.
People responded: “You look cute and handsome.” ” The beach is so beautiful.” “Good luck to you.”
At the concert, Lots of k-pop stars will perform including U-KISS, BIG BANG, SHINEE, KARA, T-ara, miss A, PSY, SEVEN, ZE:A, and more.

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[NEWS] 111029 Allen Kibum’s sexy body is seen

約半年前まで日本語をまったく話せなかったが、日本人との会話やドラマ視聴などを通じて、日常生活の中で急速に日本語を習得したといい、すでにペラ ペラ。今後は日本で本格的に活動していく意向で「ドラマ、映画、歌、DJ、作詞作曲…全部やりたい。日本で『万能エンターテイナー』になりたい」と話し た。
トーク力も抜群で、報道陣に対し「僕、実は面白い人ですよ」と宣言し、「コマネチ!」などとビートたけしのモノマネまで披露。バラエティー番組への 出演態勢も準備万端だ。「最近、夢も日本語で見ます。ビックリしたよ」と話し、報道陣を何度も笑わせた。アレンキボムは08年からU-KISSで「キボム」の名で活躍したが、今年2月脱退した。
Photo caption: Allen Kibum, smiling in front of the sexy calendar picture
On the 29th at [Tokyo] metropolis, Allen Kibum (20), a Korean citizen and former member of Korean idol group U-KISS, opened the official 2012 calendar sale commemoration handshake event. The full-loaded photos were of various expressions, some showing an exposed taut chest of ‘slim macho body’ while some were taken wearing a necktie. The sale of the calendar in Japan has started.
While half a year ago he could not hold a conversation in Japanese, he can now do so fluently with the locals as a result of watching drama; [the use of] everyday Japanese helps to hasten the learning process. With the intention of proceeding on with a full-blown activity in Japan from now on, “Drama, movie, DJ, music composition…I want to do all of them. I want to be an ‘all-round entertainer’ in Japan,” he said.
With a notable talking ability, “Actually, I am a funny person,” he proclaimed to the press. “Comaneci!” he shouted, imitating Beat Takeshi. He is completely prepared to go for variety program, too. “Nowadays, I have even dreamt in Japanese. I was so surprised,” he said, making the press laughed for the nth time. Allen Kibum, who was known from 2008 as ‘Kibum’ in U-KISS, was withdrawn in February this year.

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[NEWS] 111030 Allen Kibum in showing his sense of humor during the handshake event






Photo caption: Allen Kibum attending the commemoration handshake event for his first calendar release in Japan
Hallyu talent, Allen Kibum (20), on the 29th at Shibuya branch of Bunkyodo in Tokyo, held commemoration handshake event for his first calendar release in Japan.
Being withdrawn from Korean’s 7 members-unit group U-KISS in February, Allen had stage performance in musical “Kizuna -Shounen yo, Daisho wo Idake!- (Bond -Boys, be Ambitious!-)” recently in late October. He will start his full scale solo activity in Japan.
For the calendar, he challenged the pose of slim macho chest clad in bathrobe. “The sexy impression (left by the pictures) is embarrassing,” he said in Japanese with a shy smile.
Regarding his goal, “Singing, acting and the like; I want to be an all-round entertainer,” he declared. Showing off an imitation of talent Beat Takeshi (64), he, too had ambition for variety program.

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[PHOTO] 111030 Kibum in Mnet Program Guide November 2011 (Mnet Japan)

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[PHOTOS] 111030 Allen Kibum Calendar 2012


[PHOTOS] 111028 U-Kiss in 2011 Hallyu Beach Concert (part-2)

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[TWITTER] 111029 Dongho's Update

......소름돋았음....누구십니까당신? ": 베지밀을 드시게"

@bbowoo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ안마시면 내가 하나남은 초코파이 안먹을께ㅋㅋㅋ 

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[TWITTER] 111029 Kevin's Update

Bo Peep Bo Peep ☆ ボピボピ~ ^o^ kekekeke 귀여운척 해봤어요 ㅎㅎ 오늘 선물 받아서 대기실에서 하번 찍어봤지롱~  

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[TWITTER] 111029 Soohyun's Update

내사랑들 ~ !! yo

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[PHOTOS] 111029 Kibum's Ameblo Update

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[TWITTER] 111030 Lim Jun Yeon's Update

인기가요에서 증명사진 박은 기섭이. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

인기가요 대기실 옷장에 들어간 훈과 AJ. ㅎㅎ 날씬날씬~~ 쭉쭉~~ ㅋㅋ 3D 촬영, 은제 들어가나..? ㅎㅎ

아이 겁내 좋아하는, 일라이.. ㅋㅋ 애기들이랑 너무너무 잘 노네요~ 나중에 자상한 아빠가 될 것 같은 일라이와 꼬마들의 상귀요미컷!

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[PHOTOS] 111029 Kibum in during the handshake event

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[PHOTO] 111030 Kibum 2012 Autographed Calendar

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[TWITTER] 111029 Kiseop's Update

오빠~~~ 기분좋아져쓰~~~!!!!

yo~~~~!!!! Kiss me!!! 오늘 우리보러 많이왔네!?^^ 땅~~~큐^^알라뷰 찍다보니...프리마돈나 팬 여러분도함께^^ 감사해요 ㅎㅎ 

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[TWITTER] 111029 Alexander's Update

w/ my cousin Chris형 a.k.a. baby Jin's dad~ YUP! It's HIM who turn me into an UNCLE! .\_/. Like father, like son~ LOL~ 

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[TWITTER] 111029 Eli's Update

after music core with our members and

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[PHOTOS] 111029 Kiseop's Cyworld Update

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[PHOTOS] 111029 Kibum in during the opening of his fansign/handshake event yesterday

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[PHOTO] 111030 Jungminjoo's Cyworld Update

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[PHOTOS] 111030 U-Kiss in Hanryu Shinsedai Magazine Vol. 5

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[PHOTOS] 111030 U-Kiss in Marugoto Ikemen Prince Vol.1

[PHOTO] 111029 Sponsor Update - Dongho

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[PHOTOS] 111029 U-Kiss in SIA Magazine Vol.5