Saturday, October 15, 2011

[TWITTER] 111014 3RD WAVE MUSIC's Update

at the press conference! 

and making funny faces before we meet the Malaysian artists.

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[TWITTER] 111014 MPlus Ent's Official Update

马来西亚 988 Radio(^^)

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[TWITTER] 111014 Dongho's Update

영화 <오늘> 시사회다녀와써요~*^^* 보는내내훌쩍훌쩍ㅠ 그리고! 무사백동수때부터 너무너무 팬이였던 남지현양 만나서 사진찍었어요ㅎㅎ우후후후후훗ㅎㅎ 27일날 개봉한다니 많이사랑해주세요^^ㅎㅎ

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[TWITTER] 111014 Hoon's Update

여러분! 쉿! 늦엇지만..! 모기가 너무 많아서 에프킬라사러 편의점 다녀올게요!! 보너스 새벽에 에프킬라사러 가는 훈>_< ㅋ모기조심해요!

Oh yes~~>_< 다 잡아주겟어~ ㅎ  이제 진짜 자유~ 여러분도 모기 조심해요~!! ㅎ ほんとに(혼토니) Good night!! ㅋ 

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[TWITTER] 111015 Kiseop's Update


@beastdw 우린 지금 Asia song festival!!!ㅋㅋㅋyo~~~!동운아!!!우리 잘나왔어!!!!!ㅋ

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[TWITTER] 111014 U-Kiss Japan's Update






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[TWITTER] 111015 U-Kiss Japan's Update


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[TWITTER] 111015 U-Kiss Korea's Update

기자회견에서도 눈에 띄는 일곱남자!! 2011아송페 바로 오늘입니다!대구키스미여러분 이따 만나요~♥

어제 아송페 기자회견 만찬장에서..수현! 맛있겠다~^^ 

아송페만찬장 수현사진의 대반전! 우린 리더를 싫어하지 않아요~혼자 집중해서 먹고있는 리더가 귀여웠을 뿐 ㅎㅎㅎ 

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[TWITTER] 111015 Dongho's Update


국민남동생 이승기선배님! 저희가 선배님 저사진한장만..하고부탁드렸는데 너무흔퀘히찍어주셨다! 아선배님진짜...너무잘생기시고 너무착하시고 연기도잘하시고 노래도잘하시고 예능도잘하시고 본받겠습니다! 싸랑합니다!!*^^*

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[TWITTER] 111014 Kevin's Cousin Update

: Hi love. Hope this pic brings back your happy thoughts; beach memories. Hwaiting always, in all you do

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[TWITTER] 111014 Alexander's Update

Oh! Had Indian food last nite w/ a HUGE naan! (⊙□⊙;) n had DIM SUM for lunch today! so HAPPY!♥ㅠ▽ㅠ

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[NEWS] 111015 U-Kiss’s Soohyun impresses by singing 3 songs live in spite of vocal cord nodule

On October 15th, U-KISS‘s Soohyun moved fans and impressed officials at the ‘2011 Asia Song Festival‘ by singing three songs live — a normative feat, to be sure, but Soohyun was diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule.
The boys returned to ‘Asia Song Festival’ as acknowledged Hallyu stars after winning their rookie award at the same festival two years ago. They demonstrated their global growth by greeting fans and press members in Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin-Chinese.
Soohyun stated, “I’ve been resting after being diagnosed with vocal cord nodule. Today, however, I’m willing to die on stage.” He went on to sing “Neverland“, “0330“, and “Manmanhani” in perfect unison with the rest of his members, impressing everyone at the event.
Dongho added, “At the ’5th Asia Song Festival’, we won the rookie award. Now that we’ve returned, I’m both excited and grateful. It’s an honor to be able to stand on stage with so many famous singers in Asia, and I hope to continue to participating in the festival until its 100th.”
Rookie girl group April Kiss, who also participated in the festival’s ‘Asia Rookie Singer Showcase’, had nothing but praise for their seniors. “We met them at a waiting room backstage and exchanged CDs. They treated us very comfortably. It was amazing to be able to see them so close during rehearsals. They truly amaze us, and we respect them a lot.”
They continued, “We heard that it’s been a few years since their debut and it’s very cool to see that they haven’t lost their roots and are still working so hard. Watching their rehearsals made us realize that we have so much to learn from them. They make us want to go back to our rehearsal room and practice more.”
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[VIDEOS] 111012 U-kiss in National Sports Festival Closing Ceremony - AJ Focused

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[VIDEOS] 111012 U-kiss in National Sports Festival Closing Ceremony - Backstage

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[PHOTOS] 111014 U-Kiss in Asia Song Festival Press Conference (news photos)

[PHOTOS] 111015 U-KISS for 2011 FW Joff Photoshoot