Monday, October 24, 2011

[TWITTER] 111024 KiBum's Update

Hv a nice day! Allen KIBUM with Keita in group 'Lead' 

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[TWITTER] 111024 U-Kiss Japan's Update



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[TWITTER] 111024 Alexander's Update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest sis 누나!! \(^▽^)/ A little art for you~ LOL~ All hail the QUEEN!♥ Hv FUN!! 

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[INFO] 111021 U-KISS to Hold Showcase in Hong Kong in November

Hello Hong Kong!
We are U-KISS! We look forward to seeing you at our fans' meeting.
See you soon!!

There will be a U-KISS fans' meeting on 12th of November.
It will be a great opportunity to watch their performance,
play some games and take photographs with ALL the members U-KISS.
Hope you can all join!

2011 U-Kiss Fan's Meeting in Hong Kong
Date : 2011/11/12(Sat) 8PM
Ticket price : $990 / $590
Venue : 九龍灣國際展貿中心 / 6樓展貿廳 3KITEC (Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre)Rotunda 3, 6/F
Ticket Purchase Hotline
- 31 288 288 Internet Booking
Organized by Beneco Asia Limited Tel. 852-9273-6087
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[NEWS] 111024 U-Kiss’s Dongho looks all grown up in a pictorial-esque photo

On October 23rd, U-KISS‘s Dongho revealed a photo of himself that looks like it came straight from a movie scene.
Through his Me2day, Dongho wrote, “This photo was taken just before we were about to leave after eating. The members are all in the bathroom. The backdrop is pretty; we’re in Songdo.”
Looking older than his age, Dongho tilts his head slightly to the side while leaning coolly against the group’s van. The urban backdrop adds a sophisticated polish, with its glittering lights from the apartments.
Fans commented, “A pictorial-like photo, I thought you were a model”, “Getting more and more handsome by the day”, and “Looking cool no matter what he does.”

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + Dongho’s Official Me2day + allkpop

[NEWS] 111024 Former U-Kiss member, Alexander, to hold solo event in Tokyo

Alexander, a former member of U-KISS, will be making a comeback to the stage as a solo artist!
The pop star will be making his solo debut on December 9th through theAlexander Showcase Live 2011 concert at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo. This will be his first stage since U-KISS’s December concert a year ago.
A source close to Alexander revealed to Star News on October 24th that, “Alexander recently found a new agency and has been preparing his activities as a solo artist… He’ll show you a much more mature side than when he used to be a part of U-KISS.”
Alexander himself wrote a message to his fans through the event site on the 22nd, which read, “I’m finally starting my activities as a solo artist… Let’s meet at the December showcase.”
The idol, who is fluent in 7 languages in addition to being a skilled vocalist and a dancer, left U-KISS back in February of this year.

 Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + Star News via Naver + allkpop

[NEWS] 111024 U-Kiss in Film "Someday" Performance in 3D

U-KISS' follow-up song 'Someday' will be filmed in 3D.
On the 30th, U-KISS will film for the 3D stage of 'Someday' right after their Inkigayo broadcast. This 3D content is scheduled to be released next year at SBS.

Since October 16th, U-KISS has embarked on their follow-up activities with 'Someday'. With their powerful dances and moving vocals, they will be wrapping up their domestic activities and start on overseas activities in the near future.

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