Thursday, February 21, 2013

[VIDEO] 130220 U-Kiss Me? - Episode 7

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[NEWS] 130218 U-KISS Making Their Comeback on March 7

U-KISS's AJ has made a return with a special Valentine's Day fan-meeting.

On February 16, U-KISS held a fan-meeting to greet their fans on Valentine's Day in Japan. This event marked the first activity as a U-KISS member since his hiatus to study in America.

U-KISS managed to hold this special event in the midst of their busy rehearsal and practice schedule. Leader Soohyun demonstrated excellent professionalism as he participated in the event despite his waist injury, which he is taking painkillers for.

After returning from studying at Columbia University, AJ received a warm welcome. He stated, "Everyone has waited for my return whilst I concentrated on my studies. I want to thank you for waiting. Please take care of me in the future".
In addition, U-KISS will begin their comeback activities and release their 3rd full-length album on March 7th.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

[TWITTER] 130208 Kiseop's Update

久しぶりに練習しました。 今終わりました。 2月16日たくさん遊びに来てください

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Friday, February 8, 2013

[TWITTER] 130208 U-Kiss Korea's Update

NFC기술을 적용한 유키스교통카드(선불/충전식)출시!2/8~2/14일까지 공식카페회원에 한해 무료로 신청할 수 있습니다! >> (카드이미지는 실제와 다를 수 있음)

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[TWITTER] 130208 Kevin's Update

ALONEのミュージックビデオ撮影したときのPICTUREです^^ ALONE 楽しみですね。Kiss Me会いたい!Alone 뮤비때 찍은 사진! Cant wait 4 Alone to be released on 2/13

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[TWITTER] 130208 Hoon's Profile Pic Update

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[TWITTER] 130208 U-Kiss Japan's Update

キソプ 撮影中いきなり出てavex表の スクリーンを見てます スーツも恰好いいですね。



たっ大変です! ◯ヒョンが、◯ライに空中で回されてます!!! 助けを求められてますが、しばらく静観することにします。

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[TWITTER] 130207 Kiseop's Update

Seop night~~>_< 잘자요~~~^^ おやすみ。^^ 

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[TWITTER] 130207 U-Kiss Korea's Update

U-KISS레귤러프로그램[칸즈메!!TV매거진쇼!!] 제작발표회장~★ 멋진수트간지 유키스>_<

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[TWITTER] 130207 U-Kiss Japan's Update

今日はU-KISSレギュラー番組MXTV 「韓ヅメ‼TVマガジンショー‼」の完成記念記者発表がありました。 KISSme Japanの皆さんご来場ありがとうございました(^_−)−☆

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[TWITTER] 130207 Soohyun's Update

u~~~~~~~kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 다있다 다있어 ㅋㅋㅋ

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[TWITTER] 130206 Hoon's Update

나 샤워 하고 이제 자요!!!흫 키스미두 훈나잇~>_< ぼくは もう ねます~!! Kissme 大好き~~HoonNight~💙 자기전 인사 셀카투척! 흐흫

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[TWITTER] 130206 U-Kiss Japan's Update

本日20時からbayfm 「ON8」生出演します!要チェック(^_−)−☆

bayfm ON8はじまりました^_^

bayfm ON8 リスナープレゼント 今回はALONEサイン入りポスター あなたの郵便番号、住所、氏名、電話番号「U-KISS希望」と書いてメールを送って下さい まで(^_−)−☆

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[TWITTER] 130205 Alexander's Update

딸끼빙수 타임! 아~ 친누나가 한쿡 왔어유~^-^ Strawberry Bingsu time~ with..... Oh~ Welcome to Seoul  LOL~

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[TWITTER] 130205 Ryan S.Jhun's Update

널 그리며 ㅜㅜ  빨리가따올께 쫌만기달리라마.

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[TWITTER] 130205 Kiseop's Update


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[TWITTER] 130205 Soohyun's Update

방금 투현이가 셀카찍었어요 ㅎㅎ 케빈은 애기같은데 나는 왜케 늙었지... ㅠ ケビンとスヒョンです♥

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[TWITTER] 130204 Kiseop's Update

사진 고마워요^^

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[TWITTER] 130203 Kiseop's Profile Pic Update

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[TWITTER] 130203 Alexander's Update

"The Phan~~~tom of the Opera is here!♪(´∀`)" Waited for 2 months for this! Soooo excited!^-^

Snowing Phantom of the Opera night! Such a good musical~ Gonna go home to be Phantom! Who's gonna be my Christine?? :)

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[TWITTER] 130203 Hoon's Update

우오아~~! 몰랏는데 20만팔 넘엇네요 ㅠㅠㅎ보잘것 없는 훈 많이 사랑해주셔서 감사햄니다~~>_< ㅋ 오직 kissme를 위해 열심히 할게용~ ㅋ 우리가족두 감사하다는 표시루~ !!💙평창에서 봐욧 흫💙

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[TWITTER] 130202 Alexander's Update

Good morning! Starting my busy weekend by moving! Ouch... Hv a nice day! 굿모닝! 아침부터 이사 해야돼서 바쁘당~ ㅠㅠ 좋은주말보내세요!^^

BEST part of moving! 이사의 장점!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

My cousin was playing with my fan gifts n turned himself into "Gloomy Joshua Bear"~ :) 사촌동생이 팬이주신선물입고 변신했당~ ㅋㅋㅋ

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[TWITTER] 130201 Alexander's Update

Congrats for finding Penny! :) Time for a road trip~ *packing luggage* “: 今天的新明。柳胜美,你好红。 

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[TWITTER] 130201 U-Kiss Korea's Update

수현이와 케빈은 인도네시아 홍수피해를 입은 학교에 방문해서 아이들에게 노래도 배우고 학용품도 전달하고 함께해서 더 값지고 의미있는 시간을 보냈어요.여러분들도 관심가져주시고 응원많이 해주세요~^^

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[TWITTER] 130201 Soohyun's Update

학교가 물에 잠겨서 임시로 건물에서 공부하는 어린이들을 만나구왔는데요 맘이아프네요 .. 근데 너무 해맑아서 다행이네요 여러분 많은 관심 응원해주세요 어린이들이랑 사진도 같이찍었어요 너무이뻐요 ^^

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[TWITTER] 130201 Soohyun's Profile Pic Update

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[TWITTER] 130201 Kevin's Update

We recorded TOPKPOP today!^^ Remember to check it out when it airs~ Thanks  We had a blast! We <3 Kpopers

We went to visit these amazing kids at their school that was affected by the flood. We had a great time bonding with them and we also helped donate school supplies for them^^ They really touched our hearts. Aren't they so adorable?

We would like to thank   for making all this happen! God Bless~ Fighting!

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[VIDEO] 130208 Star Call from Dongho

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + KHJnadette26LMH@YT

[VIDEOS] 130206 Star Call from Eli and Kevin

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + KHJnadette26LMH@YT