Thursday, September 29, 2011

[PHOTOS] 110929 U-KISS at Mnet M!Countdown (news photos)

[NEWS] 110929 Huh Gak shares his moment of joy on ‘M! Countdown’ with U-KISS and INFINITE

Huh Gak‘s win on this week’s episode of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ has stunned the industry.
This self-proclaimed rookie was up against households names KARA and Davichi, but he managed to come away with the #1 win with his song “Hello“. It seems Huh Gak didn’t expect to win over the two girl groups, as he looked almost dumbfounded when his name was announced by the MCs. The reality seemed to hit when he was suddenly rushed by the overjoyed members of U-KISS and INFINITE, who tried to lift him up and bounce him, but settled for proud pats on the back instead.
During his victory speech, Huh Gak made sure to thank the members of his A Cube family and labelmates A Pink“To my loving father, brother, my loving friends, and our U-KISS!  And INFINITE!  And our KARA!  Thank you so much.  Thank you to Tony [An] sunbae.  I promise to work hard, thank you!”
Right in the middle of his encore stage, he also made sure to give a special shout out to his fans, ‘Gak Byul In’ (‘Special’), by stating, “I forgot.  I love you, Gak Byul In!”
Check out his win and encore if you haven’t already!

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[PHOTOS] 110924 Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia - U-Kiss (part-3)

[PHOTOS] 110925 U-Kiss in LG Dream Festival (news photo)

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[VIDEO] 110929 U-Kiss in M!Countdown - Neverland

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[PHOTOS] 110928 KBS Dream Team Recording - SooHyun

[NEWS] 110929 U-kiss in Hoon and Dongho cast for new TV movie, "Holyland"

U-KISSs Hoon and Dongho have been cast for an upcoming made-for-TV movie called ‘Holyland‘!
These members of U-KISS have enjoyed extensive experience in the acting industry like ‘Royal Family‘, ‘My Black Mini-Dress‘, ‘Mister Idol‘,  ‘Don’t Cry Mommy‘ and ‘Real School‘.  ‘Holiday’ will round out to be the sixth project that the group will be undertaking, and the fourth for ‘acting idol’ Dongho.
Dongho started off his career with side roles and slowly built his way up to finally landing a leading role with ‘Holiday’.  The movie was produced by cable channel OCN and is directed by Park Ki Hyung of ‘Whispering Corridors‘.  This four-part movie will be about a rebellious group of high school students.
The two will be focusing on the group’s ‘Neverland‘ promotions before beginning filming in November.

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