Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[INFO] 111011 Kevin and Eli to be Featured in Japanese Artist JAMOSA Single

According to Mu-Mo, U-KISS' Kevin and Eli will be featured in Japanese urban artist JAMOSA's upcoming single "Together". This is the first time U-KISS has collaborated with a Japanese artist. The single is set to drop on December 7.

We will release more details about this collaboration in the near future when we receive more news.

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[NEWS] 111011 U-KISS updates on becoming Kangwon-do ambassadors on me2day

Amidst their busy schedule, the boys of U-KISS kept fans updated on their whereabouts through the group’s official me2day account. Recently, U-KISS was appointed as the ambassadors of Kangwon-do’s economy. To do their part as ambassadors, U-KISS participated to promote Chuncheon’s romance road.
On October 10th, U-KISS uploaded several pictures and messages, stating, “U-KISS has become Kangwon-do’s economic ambassador! To promote Chuncheon’s romance road, we participated in a guerrilla concert, made gift donations, and even exchanged phone numbers with Choi Moon Soon, the governor of Kangwon-do. hehe” 

[TWITTER] 111010 U-kiss Korea's Update

2nd KISSme Day 리허설컷 업데이트중! 공식카페 화랑k에서 확인가능합니다:) ->

[Daum팬카페스테이지]응원하기는 하루한번 공카카페왼쪽 응원위젯 응원하기&방문수,새글수,댓글수,가입자수로 점수가 부여되고 10/19일까지 쌓인 총점으로 스테이지가 결정납니다!공카활동만 해도 점수가 팍팍!!

[TWITTER] 111010 KiBum's Update

Using yflog for view picture

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[TWITTER] 111010 Kiseop's Update

쿠마쿠마쿠마쿠마쿠마쿠마!!>_< 집에서 이러고 있음...ㅋㅋㅋ

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[TWITTER] 111010 Dongho's Update

해운대에 (좀늦은)아침입니다~ 굿모닝♥

전망좋은곳에서 점심식사중~♥*^^*

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[VIDEOS] 111007 U-Kiss in Talent Donation Guerilla Concert - AJ Focused (part-2)

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + Chorongbul@YT

[VIDEOS] 111008 U-Kiss in BBS TV Eco Land Concert - AJ Focused

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[VIDEO] 111009 SBS Inkigayo Later Back to Home - Kevin Focused

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + woorikevin@YT

[PHOTOS] 111010 U-Kiss in "Kiss Me Day" Rehearsal (Official Photos)

[VIDEOS] 111009 U-Kiss in Arirang Wave K

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