Saturday, March 10, 2012

[TWITTER] 120308 U-Kiss Japan's Official Update

BS11『韓ラブ』は3/19(月)の21時~と3/26(月)の21時~の放送です♪ 今回はメンバーが東京の有名商店街を満喫します☆ 

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @UKISS_Japan

[TWITTER] 120308 U-Kiss Korea's Official Update


Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @ukisskorea

[TWITTER] 120307 U-Kiss Japan's Official Update


Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @UKISS_Japan

[TWITTER] 120307 KiBum's Update

오늘도 열심히 달렸습니다! 예전과 다르게 무언가 잘못된것을 바로잡고싶고 확고한 의지와 목표로 일을 이룩하고싶다는 생각이 들어갑니다! 세상은 노력을 배신하지 않는다!

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @90KKB

[TWITTER] 120306 MV Director's Update


[TWITTER] 120306 KiBum's Update

Gd morning 배고프다! 갑자기 일본에서 먹은 고기생각이 난다! 모두들 좋은 하루 보내세요~

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @90KKB

[TWITTER] 120306 RyanJhun's Update

MARCAN rock in Japan holla^^ let's go tvxq shinee and ma love ukiss. 사랑해 다들.

Miss u ma dong sang. See u soon in Tokyo 보고싶은 내동생 곧 보쟈. Always pray for u ma famz 

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @ryanjhun

[TWITTER] 120305 Deanna's Update

To KissMe's: is doing well in Tokyo! Glad we could meet...what a great world! Thanks for CD's! ;) 유키스 짱!♡ 

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @deewoo5 

[TWITTER] 120304 KiBum's Update

Good night~!

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @90KKB

[TWITTER] 120304 Eli's Update

sup guys we're in sendai for our second performance^^ we're gonna have alot of fun today hehe

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @u_kisseli

[TWITTER] 120304 U-Kiss Japan's Official Update

Zepp仙台公演を前に只今リハーサル中です♪ ドンホはスタッフTシャツを着用してます(^_^)

ツアー会場でCDをお買い上げのお客様には、な、なんと!!メンバー直筆サイン入り色紙をプレゼント♪( ´▽`)詳しくは、会場のCD販売ブースにて!

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + @UKISS_Japan