Sunday, October 30, 2011

[NEWS] 111030 Allen Kibum in showing his sense of humor during the handshake event






Photo caption: Allen Kibum attending the commemoration handshake event for his first calendar release in Japan
Hallyu talent, Allen Kibum (20), on the 29th at Shibuya branch of Bunkyodo in Tokyo, held commemoration handshake event for his first calendar release in Japan.
Being withdrawn from Korean’s 7 members-unit group U-KISS in February, Allen had stage performance in musical “Kizuna -Shounen yo, Daisho wo Idake!- (Bond -Boys, be Ambitious!-)” recently in late October. He will start his full scale solo activity in Japan.
For the calendar, he challenged the pose of slim macho chest clad in bathrobe. “The sexy impression (left by the pictures) is embarrassing,” he said in Japanese with a shy smile.
Regarding his goal, “Singing, acting and the like; I want to be an all-round entertainer,” he declared. Showing off an imitation of talent Beat Takeshi (64), he, too had ambition for variety program.

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + SANSPO + (translation)

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