Sunday, October 30, 2011

[NEWS] 111029 Allen Kibum’s sexy body is seen

約半年前まで日本語をまったく話せなかったが、日本人との会話やドラマ視聴などを通じて、日常生活の中で急速に日本語を習得したといい、すでにペラ ペラ。今後は日本で本格的に活動していく意向で「ドラマ、映画、歌、DJ、作詞作曲…全部やりたい。日本で『万能エンターテイナー』になりたい」と話し た。
トーク力も抜群で、報道陣に対し「僕、実は面白い人ですよ」と宣言し、「コマネチ!」などとビートたけしのモノマネまで披露。バラエティー番組への 出演態勢も準備万端だ。「最近、夢も日本語で見ます。ビックリしたよ」と話し、報道陣を何度も笑わせた。アレンキボムは08年からU-KISSで「キボム」の名で活躍したが、今年2月脱退した。
Photo caption: Allen Kibum, smiling in front of the sexy calendar picture
On the 29th at [Tokyo] metropolis, Allen Kibum (20), a Korean citizen and former member of Korean idol group U-KISS, opened the official 2012 calendar sale commemoration handshake event. The full-loaded photos were of various expressions, some showing an exposed taut chest of ‘slim macho body’ while some were taken wearing a necktie. The sale of the calendar in Japan has started.
While half a year ago he could not hold a conversation in Japanese, he can now do so fluently with the locals as a result of watching drama; [the use of] everyday Japanese helps to hasten the learning process. With the intention of proceeding on with a full-blown activity in Japan from now on, “Drama, movie, DJ, music composition…I want to do all of them. I want to be an ‘all-round entertainer’ in Japan,” he said.
With a notable talking ability, “Actually, I am a funny person,” he proclaimed to the press. “Comaneci!” he shouted, imitating Beat Takeshi. He is completely prepared to go for variety program, too. “Nowadays, I have even dreamt in Japanese. I was so surprised,” he said, making the press laughed for the nth time. Allen Kibum, who was known from 2008 as ‘Kibum’ in U-KISS, was withdrawn in February this year.

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + Nikkan Sports + (Translation)

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