Friday, September 23, 2011

[TRANS] 110923 U-KISS -"3 Stage upgrade!" "No limitations" (interview)

While IU has the '3 Stage Transformation, U-KISS has the '3 Stage Upgrade'. Their 2nd full-length album, 'Neverland' showcases their vocals and dance and highlights their musician aspects. These seven men are becoming more powerful as they step up to face their new challenges.

U-KISS, How they hit the jackpot in Japan
U-KISS signed on with one of Japan's largest entertainment companies, AVEX, for their debut. They are also the management team for the 'Hallyu fathers', TVXQ. With outstanding appearances combined with various skills of the members, it clears a pathway of opportunities and anticipation. As expected the results were great. Their Korean mini-album "Bran New Kiss" was released on August 25th and debuted on the Oricon daily charts at No.5. They then climbed to No.3 and their Japanese debut was regarded by media outlets as 'outstanding'.
However it wasn't easy. They had to adapt to the cultural differences, learn a new language as well as endure the long period of time of being unable to see their family. After their activities with '0330' in Korea, they received no break and traveled to Japan to practice their choreography, singing and study Japanese.
"Except for sleep, we spent all the hours of the day studying Japanese and practising." They spoke of how they slept for less than 5 hours each day and it was truly brutal to the breaking point. But in the end they said, "We still have a long way to go", maintaining a modest form.

▶U-KISS' real form?
In general idol groups are either cute or charismatic and they stick to one particular concept that suits them best and is most popular. It has been shown that constantly changing a group's concept or singing style is a great risk to take. However U-KISS is different.
U-KISS debuted with 'Not Young' which boasted of cute and fresh charms which was followed by their 'strong man' transformation in 'Am I That Easy?' that shot them to stardom. Afterwards, they came out with 'Round & Round' and 'Shut Up' which were electronic hook songs which branded U-KISS as a group. They released '0330' soon after which showcased their gentle charisma. This time they are back with the producer of Lee HyoRi and TVXQ, Ryan Jhun, and a pop dance song 'Neverland'—a complete reversal.
In addition, members also participated in creating their own sound in the album. PARAN's P.O worked with AJ and KiSeop to co-write 'OBSESSION' from a musical spectrum. AJ said, "I've been consistently studying composing. (I) would like to gather advice from everywhere to be able to write better in the future. To write even better songs I want to study music more".

3 Years Since Debut, Mind of a Rookie
U-KISS has now debuted for 3 years already. Usually at this time many artists fall into a slump referred to as the '3 Year Gap'. But U-KISS is calm. "It hasn't changed much from our debut. It still feels like we're rookies", they said, "If there has been any chance, it would be that we're more confident now". The members continued, "This time our album that has been completed is of high quality. We practice a lot and preparing for broadcast recordings have been completed. Confidence has formed to have high hopes for it".
The reactions have been good. As the album released they climbed the charts on various music and album charts and placed No.1. They took over the charts with their "wide range of ballad and dance songs" and received high praises. However they aren't satisfied yet. They said, "This time our goal is to win No.1 on a music program".[/b]
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