Sunday, August 28, 2011

[TRANS] 110827 Withdrawn from U-KISS, Kibum is now active

Originally being active in Korean idol group U-KISS and then withdrawn, it was made known on 26th that Kibum (20) will go solo and restart his solo activity in Japan with name ‘Allen’. In October, he will debut as professional actor in a stage play ‘Kizuna 2011 Seishun yo Daisho wo Idake!’ (Bond 2011 Boys be Ambitious!) . Also, with regards to his debut as moderator (MC) in a music event earlier in September, he has plans for multiple activity. “Actor in Japan, singer, MC, composer…and various other things are what I want to do. I hope to work as an “all-rounded entertainer” Allen said with his eyes twinkling.

Allen, whose real name is Kibum, was active in Korean idol group U-KISS till he was withdrawn in February this year. Hereafter, he will restart solo activity as Allen in Japan.

During his idol era, he is trained in singing and dancing. He is fluent not only in Japanese, but also English. As Allen, starting from October 20 he will start anew, to debut as professional actor, challenging a stage play ‘Kizuna 2011 Seishun yo Daisho wo Idake!’ (Bond 2011 Boys be Ambitious!). He will play the part of act as a handsome senior high school student, one of the main roles .

Posing in hakama just like the role he is gonna play as, “It feels so good~. The feeling of becoming cool. I feel like I’m getting closer to Japan,” Allen happily declared. “Even though (being in a) musical and (becoming an) actor are both my first time, I want to show my real self. About the increase in the number of colleagues , it was a pleasure to co-star with Japanese actors,” showing enthusiasm.

Before the stage play, on September 10 in Kagoshima he will open ‘K-POP MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011 in KAGOSHIMA’, marking his MC debut. Allen’s aim is to be able to do anything, an ‘all-rounded entertainer’. “Actor, singer, MC, composer, … and various other things that I want to do in Japan. When I say I want to do something, I will absolutely do it. I will become an ‘all-rounded entertainer’” he said with a smile and while looking intently.

His older brother is Kim Hyungjoon (popular as ‘Maknae’), a member of popular Korean group SS501. After being withdrawn from U-KISS, Allen, together with his brother, established a character companym showing the extent of their closeness. Allen said ” Brother always worries about me, he is a gentleman. Someday, we will work (collaborate) on an album as siblings, wanting to do it together,” talking about his dream.

About the fans in Japan, “In order to understand the Japanese fully, the heart and the mind, I will learn all about Japanese language and Japanese culture; that being the case, I’ll be happy if everyone, too, will know me better.” he sent his message.

◆ Allen, real name Kibum. Born in Korea, December 29, 1990. Actived in 2007 as a member of Korean group XING. Actived in U-KISS as ‘Kibum’ from 2008, famous to be in charge of vocal and rap. Withdrawn on February this year. Special skills are composing, piano, Japanese, English. Height 179 cm, weight 65 kg.

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + pecco31 + ukissmeph

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