Thursday, August 25, 2011

[NEWS] 110825 U-Kiss Comeback with 2nd New Album

U-Kiss, 30 day return! The new 2nd Album!

Idol group U-Kiss has wrapped up their Japanese promotions and come back to target the national market.

Japan's best album signing company, AVEX signed an exclusive contract with the group. From the beginning of June, for two months, U-Kiss had promoted in Japan. They are now preparing for a 2nd album and preparations to perform on various national TV music shows. For their album promotions, they returned to Korea on the 30th of July.

On the 25th of August, U-Kiss released an official teaser to their 2nd album through their Youtube channel with Bugs Music.
The soon to be released song, "Someday", is a medium tempo British pop genre. The song has the meaning of showing warm comfort to a saddened friend. The song producers, Ryan Jhun has worked with Lee HyoRi and SHINee. He has been collaborating with foreign producers, such of those of Denzil Remedios and Carrie Cox.

U-Kiss explains, "In Japan, U-Kiss was able to show a completely different feel" and "With the 2nd album, starting in Korea, and then Japan, we will begin to start activities all around".

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + Source + pigger995 @ ROCKETBOXX.NET (Translations)

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