Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[NEWS] 120212 Allen Kibum Role of Hallyu Idol in First Drama Appearance

Allen Kibum: Role of Hallyu idol in the first drama appearance; “Comedy might suit me”?

On Feb 9, it has been announced that Allen Kibum (21), a Korean idol who is a former member of Korean 7-membered group U-KISS and is currently doing solo activity, is making a guess appearance in midnight drama “The Lonely Gourmet” currently airing at TV Tokyo (Wednesday night, 00:43am-01.13am JST). Allen said “In the future, I, too, want to do drama in Japan. I would be happy if it is romantic drama, but I also want to try something interesting. A comedy might suit me.” This is Allen’s first appearance in Japanese drama.

 The above-mentioned drama is based on a popular gourmet manga, an original work by Masayuki Kusumi and drawn by Taniguchi Jiro, which has been irregularly serialized in Weekly SPA! (Fusosha). The story depicts Inogashira Goro (played by Matsushige Yutaka), who enganged in imported dried goods business and liked to stop by restaurants and showed indifferent expression while eating, in between his work.

 Allen will appear in the episode ‘Hitori yakiniku at Hacchonawate, Kawasaki, Keihin Industrial Zone’ that will be broadcast on Feb 22. The character he had to act out was one who was deeply impressed with the taste of yakiniku in a Japanese restaurant and while entering the restaurant, he tried to convey how delicious the taste was to Inogashira.

 While attending the filming session, Allen used Japanese street-slang to communicate with Matsushige as well as the crews. “Initially, because it was my first time doing drama, it was a new experience and I felt nervous, but it was also interesting. Regarding acting, it was really fun as it involved dialogue,” he commented. About his impression of Matsushige, “When I first met him, I was a bit scared. He was so tall (laughs). But when he showed me his warm smile, I felt really happy. The feeling was like all the ice melted at once because of the warmth,” he recounted. “Allen was such a nice, fair-skinned young man. With his cool smile, he brought about an enjoyable mood to the place,” said Matsushige, showing how the two were being completely frank to each other.

 The recording (behind-the-scene) of the drama will be broadcast on the live program for information about Asia, which Allen is being a regular on Fridays, ‘Made in BS Japan Asia Love’ (BS Japan, Feb 17, from 6pm-6.55pm JST).

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