Monday, November 7, 2011

[NEWS] 111107 U-KISS Plans to Advance to U.S with Melvin Brown

7-member idol group, U-KISS have increased their possibility in advancing to America.

On the 4th at Seoul YongSan IPARK Mall, an event drew interest from a very special guest, Melvin Brown. Melvin Brown is an American pop music producer who has previously worked with Lady Gaga, T-Pain and Akon. He, accompanied by Rapper Cross, personally came to Korea to watch U-KISS' performance.

U-KISS' company NH Media stated "In regards to the group's advancement to America, we have received love calls from Melvin Brown. To determine U-KISS' live skills, he had especially made his way to Korea to observe their live performance". According to their representative, advancing to America may happen as early as next year.

Melvin Brown had also announced in May that he intends to bring girl group, JQT, to the American market.

So far, U-KISS has had a success through breaking into the Japanese market. Fan meetings that were held in various cities were all sold out and AVEX holds high expectations of the group. The group is highly adaptable to global activities as they excel in dancing and singing skills as well as being fluent in several languages such as Japanese and English. Earlier this year, the group had also made an appearance as SBS L.A Hollywood Bowl which created quite a stir amongst fans.

In addition, U-KISS has a foundation of fans all around the globe. In combination with the members' variety of skills, they are perfect for global advancement. Melvin Brown had observed U-KISS' performances to verify their skills and now hold great expectations of them advancing into the U.S market.

U-KISS recently wrapped up their 2nd album promotional activities, performing their last stage on SBS Inkigayo. They will be heading to Beijing for the HanJong Festival on the 7th and also head to Hong Kong and Taiwan for various activities. From the 22nd, they are expected to start on their Japanese activities.

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