Thursday, September 22, 2011

[NEWS] 110922 U-KISS to take “Neverland” overseas

Kiss Me’s all across Asia have been begging the boys of U-KISS to come perform in their respective countries, and it looks like their wish has been granted! U-KISS has announced that they’ll be taking “Neverland” to six different countries in the coming month.
The group recently received 15 love calls from countries all over the world hoping to see “Neverland” at their doorsteps. U-KISS has decided therefore to set out on a 15,000 km journey across Asia, right in the middle of their promotions.
Starting with Malaysia on September 24th, they’ll be heading to China on the 27th, and Taiwan on October 3rd.  They’ll still be attending music programs in Korea as well as several concert events in Changwon, Mokpo, and Gumi.
It doesn’t stop there, though, as they’ll also be adding schedules from Thailand and the Philippines down the line.
Even though they intended to focus on their Korean promotions for as long as they could, they couldn’t ignore the flood of love calls they were constantly receiving.

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + W Star News via Naver + allkpop

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