Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[NEWS] 110906 U-Kiss' members "amazed" when interview was interrupted

On the episode of YTN's 'News and Issue - Issue and People' that was aired on the 6th, U-Kiss members Soohyun, Dongho and Kevin made an appearance on the show but their interview was interrupted due to a breaking news bulletin.

During the interview, U-Kiss talked about their activities in Japan and showed off how they have become Hallyu stars. However, a breaking news bulletin was received during the show, causing the interview to be interrupted.

It was the news of Professor Ahn Cheol-soo giving up his Seoul mayor candidacy. Due to the nature of the news, there was no other choice but to interrupt the interview.

Hence, U-Kiss' interview was interrupted while the news anchors delivered the breaking news. After apologising to the members, the interview went on and the members expressed that they were amazed.

On another note, U-Kiss introduced their new album and shared honest stories about their promotion activities in Japan through this episode.

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + TV Daily + UKISSMESG (Translations)

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