Saturday, September 3, 2011

[NEWS] 110903 Eli Sustains Injury, Unable to Perform Comeback Stage

Upon U-Kiss' 2nd album comeback, a member has sustained a knee injury.

U-Kiss has been preparing for their comeback stage on September 8th at Mnet's M!Countdown, however member Eli has recently suffered a knee injury from a muscle tear. U-Kiss' agency stated, "To ensure a full recovery 10 days will be needed for Eli to rest. Until then, only six members will appear on their comeback stage". They also added, "U-Kiss' new title track, Neverland, is a powerful song with strong choreography which requires great strength when performing and it is concerning to perform with an injury".
U-Kiss has had Japanese-based activities until mid-August and during that time, Dongho has also suffered a knee cartiliage injury. Soohyun was also sent to the emergency room during a music video shoot due to fatigue and being overworked.

In addition, U-Kiss' new album was released on September 1st and ranked no.1 not long after its release. 
Credits: Kissme4UKiss + Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET

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