Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[TRANS] 110823 2nd Album Release Dates

Do you know what day is August 25th is?
Ding dong~ August 25th is the day of the 2nd album teaser release! It will be at 2PM KST! It will be available through our official Youtube channel and Bugs Music! As well as Melon! (People) Are already worried about how to watch the teaser..keke It is an awesome teaser! Please anticipate it~~

The first song from the 2nd album will be released online on August 26th at 12AM KST. Are you curious about what type of genre and U-Kiss voices it has?^^ Please check Bugs, Melon, Dosirak and other online streamings then! Dugeun dugeun~♥
The 2nd album will be released on September 1st! Physical releases on the same day! Please refer the details in the cafe post.^^ http://t.co/sc3UnOf 1st place~ Go go ssing!
[Notice] U-Kiss' 2nd Album Release Dates & Schedules (all Korean Standard Time)

<Teaser Release >
Time: 2:00PM August 25th, 2011
Site: Official YouTube, Bugs Music, Melon and other online streaming portals.
Official YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/ukiss2008
Bugs Music - http://www.bugs.co.kr/
Melon - http://www.melon.com/

<1st Song Release >
Time: 12AM August 26th, 2011
Site: Melon, Dosirak and other streaming sites.

<Online Album Release (Download)>
Time: September 1st, 2011 (Time TBA)
Site: Melon, Dosirak and other streaming sites.

<Offline Album Release>
Time: September 1st, 2011 (Time TBA)
Location: Gyobo Books, Sinara, Evan and other outlets.
* May differ from region to region.

<Online Album Release (Physical)>

Time: September 1st, 2011
Location: Internet Gyobo, yes25, Internet Sinara, Apple Music, Lees(?) Music and other online sites.
* Online purchase assists with charting positions.

<2nd Album First Broadcast Schedule>

Time: TBA with the bulletin next Tuesday

Album track list, cover, etc will be uploaded soon~ A lot of effort has been placed in to produce this good album so please expect a great album! Anticipate it a lot~^^
Lastly, the first stage of the 2nd album will be on September 4th, on Kiss Me Day. It will be in our first meeting in a long time, you know? If you haven't applied, apply quickly! (T/N: Only Korean residents)^^
Please give lots of love and support to U-Kiss' 2nd album comeback~^^
Credits: Kissme4Ukiss +  http://cafe.daum.net...kissme/8V1y/182 + @ukisskorea + ROCKETBOXX.NET


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