Monday, August 8, 2011

[TRANS] 110807 U-Kiss in K-BOY Magazine

1) What do you do on your day-offs?

Soohyun : Studying Japanese and taking naps.
AJ : I want to go back to Korea and play.
Hoon : Exercising, studying Japanese, as well as watching Japanese drama.
Kiseop : Hibernating (get as much sleep as possible) and exercising.
Eli : Shopping!!
Dongho : Studying Japanese and going out with the members.
Kevin : Watching movies and taking naps.

2) A place you want to visit in Japan?

Soohyun : Okinawa
AJ : Tokyo Tower
Hoon : Hokkaido
Kiseop : Okinawa
Eli : Okinawa
Dongho : Mt. Fuji
Kevin : Okinawa

3) Who is best at being able to act cute?

Soohyun : As expected, it’s Dongho.
AJ : Dongho
Hoon : Maknae Dongho
Kiseop : Dongho
Eli : Kevin
Dongho : It’s me.
Kevin : Maknae Dongho

4) Something that shocked you when you came to Japan?

Soohyun : How enthusiastic Japanese fans are.
AJ : How Japanese food is to my own taste (T/N: He’s surprised at how well he likes Japanese food.)
Hoon : How Japanese people are very nice, and the bicycles.
Kiseop : How pretty the sky really is.
Eli : How nice Japanese people are.
Dongho : How multi-functional the toilets are.
Kevin : How many bicycles there are.

5) A Japanese celebrity that you like?

Soohyun : EXILE
AJ : Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
Hoon : Remioromen and K
Kiseop : Arashi
Eli : Utada Hikaru
Dongho : Mizushima Hiro
Kevin : EXILE

6) What is your favorite saying in Kansai-ben (dialect)?

Soohyun : “I like [you/it] very much.” (meccha suki yade)
AJ : “why?” (nande yanen)
Hoon : “I like [you/it] very much~!!!” (meccha suki yanen~!!!)
Kiseop : “thank you. ” and “why?”(ooki ni~ and nande yanen)
Eli : “no good!” (akan!)
Dongho : ”~yade” (T/N: This is the Kansai-ben for the copula “desu”, from what I understand.)
Kevin : “I like [you/it] very much!” (meccha suki yanen!)

7) What comes to your mind immediately when you think of [the] Kansai [region]?

Soohyun : The food are all delicious. The best!
AJ : Takoyaki
Hoon : Our house (laughs)
Kiseop : Takoyaki!
Eli : Takoyaki
Dongho : Takoyaki
Kevin : Takoyaki! (T/N: I cannot read the first part of Kevin’s answer for this question)

Credits: Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + hiji219riko@ameblo (Magazine Photo) + skyreplica@tumblr (Translations) + ROCKETBOXX.NET

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