Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[TRANS] 110705 U-Kiss Epop Magazine

For the time being. U-Kiss is very busy promoting their album in Asian countries. If they could go on a holiday for a month, what would they wanna do? If it was the end of the world, what would they do?

Question: If you could go on a vacation for a month, what would you do?

Kevin: A month?…hmmm..what to do?
Eli: I’ll go visit my family in America.
Kevin: Watch NBC too? (The National Broadcasting Company)
Eli: Yup!
AJ: A month? Hmmm….. I wanna go backpacking in Australia. I wanna go to a lot of places there
Kevin: I wanna go to New York!
Kiseop: I wanna go to the beach!
Kevin: You wanna on a vacation for a month at a beach?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dongho: I wanna sleep for a month!
Eli & Kevin: Dongho wants to hibernate, haha!
Hoon: I wanna visit my hometown in Namgyangju
Soohyun: Hmmm….I wanna go to Jeju Island with the members ^^
U-Kiss: (chatter) No~ thanks!

Question: A week before the end of the world, what would you do?

Hoon: I wanna be with the one I love
Kevin: I wanna be with my family
Eli: Hmmm…. I'LL SAVE THIS WORLD, Haha!
AJ: That's not realistic!
Kiseop: I wanna go home and be with my family
Soohyun: I wanna visit all the Kiss Me in the world!
AJ: The Kiss Mes dont wanna see you!
Dongho: I wanna spend all my savings money.
U-Kiss: For what?
Dongho: Charity!
AJ: I'll leave Earth ! ㅋㅋ

Question: If you would publish an autobiography of a member, who would you choose?

Soohyun: I choose myself! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kevin: Why?
Soohyun: I change my answer… should I choose Kiseop? Or Kevin? Hmm, I’'ll choose Kevin instead since he lived in San Francisco. I wanna travel to San Francisco and visit Kevin's family over there
Kiseop: I choose Eli~ I wanna get to know Eli more since he’s lived in China and America
Eli: Hmm… Soohyun hyung. I wanna know the hardships he went through before debuting as an artist
AJ: I'd pull out! I dont wanna be a director ! ㅋㅋ
Kevin: Dongho! I wanna know every single thing about being in middle school and high school!
Hoon: AJ, because he went overseas to study all alone. He's also very smart and he knows how to speak English well. I wanna know how he learned.
Eli: That's true~! A while ago, I couldn't get in touch with AJ. A month later, I bumped into him. Turns out, he turned off his handphone the whole time while studying overseas.

Question: If you guys turned into girls, which member would you pick as girlfriends?

Soohyun: (puts on a hopeful expression so Kevin would pick him) Kevin, you choose first.
Kevin: Soohyun! Because hes really good to every girl.
Soohyun: Good! Haha!
Soohyun: Kiseop? No, I choose Hoon because hes very nice and he has a sexy body. Other than that, hes also very athletic. Now I feel like singing a song to him. I hope I can marry a girl like her! (if Hoon was a girl)
AJ: I also choose Hoon!
Hoon: Wae?!
AJ: Haha, because you're very passionate and you know how to take care of a girl! (AJ misunderstood the question and he thought if he was the girl who would he choose)
Eli: I choose Kiseop! Haha, Kiseop is such a nice person. Also, if I marry a guy like him, I would be very happy. I also wouldn't need to spend a penny of my money because he will shower me with gifts
Kiseop: I choose. Kevin! Because hes a very honest, hardworking and innocent person!
Kevin: Thank you!
Dongho: I choose myself because I understand myself the most ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hoon: If I had to choose between Eli and Kiseop… I'd choose Eli because hes a caring person who's commited!

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + epop magazine + elseop@tumblr (scan, translations)

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