Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[INFO] 110704 Asian Celebs Siblings - Kim HyungJun and Kim Kibum

Kim Hyung Jun, 23, and Kim Kibum, 20
Job: Idol singers and businessmen

Older brother Kim Hyung Jun entered showbiz under boyband, SS501, as the group’s youngest member in 2005. Following the disbandment of SS501 late last year, Hyung Jun is currently pursuing a solo singing career and recently released his first solo single, Girl, in March. He has been on various promotional tours in various Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.
Younger sibling Kibum joined showbiz in 2008 under a group called U-Kiss and his contract was terminated in early 2011. Flying solo now, Kibum is currently focused on developing his online retail business which is also co-owned by Hyung Jun. The younger Kim recently shared that he has plans to return to showbiz and is in the midst of composing music for his comeback.

Credits: Kissme4UKiss + XinMSN + pisumsativum @ tumblr (Translations) 

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