Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[NEWS] 110607 U-Kiss Showcase at KL Pavilion

U-Kiss showcase in Malaysia which was said to take place at Menara PGRM has been changed to KL Pavilion and everyone can watch it for free on June 10.
The Presenter of the event, RadioActive has decided to make the show a free event for the public. The content of the show will not be affected as the organizers promise a spectacular show with high quality production.
All existing ticket holders will still be entitled for the benefits, which are exclusively designed for each ticket categories. These benefits include dinner session with U-Kiss members, individual and group photo session.
Ticket holders of Package 650, Package 480 and RM330 are entitled to enter the free-seating Pit Zone, receive an autographed CD and get to go on stage for handshake with all U-Kiss members, while ticket holders of RM153 are entitled to the free-seating Rock Zone. Package 650 will be getting exclusive individual photo session and dinner session with the U-Kiss members. 

Credits: Kissme4Ukiss + budiey.com + gokpop

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