Saturday, June 4, 2011

[NEWS] 110603 Withdrawal from U-KISS; Kim Kibum transforms into a Young CEO

Withdrawal from U-Kiss’, Kim Kibum transforms into a young CEO

Post withdrawal from the group U-Kiss, Kim Kibum, who is also known as Allen, has embarked on his activity.
Last month, on May 20 (the journalist made a typo and wrote April 20), for the recent launching of PiroPiro by character business HnB Company set up together with blood-brother Kim Hyung Jun of SS501, the newly-transformed young CEO Kim Kibum, together with Warner Singapore held a promotional event.

As part of the promotion effort for Piro character export business, an exchange of pop culture was held, which was attended by 1000 local fans showing great interest.
The video and the song which were prepared by Singapore fans for Kim Kibum had moved him that when he returned to Korea, he tweeted to thank the fans.

Kim Kibum said with full of aspiration, "To be alone on the stage means there is bigger responsibility to shoulder. In return for the love from fans all around the world, composing and lyrics-writing are in the progress as a preparation to return to entertainment activities, while keeping the business on track."
Translation note: The translation might not be perfect. The number 1000 might refer to the people attending Sheng Shiong Show recording, since the Meet & Greet and the fanmeet were only limited to 450 ticket holders.

Credits: XPORTSNEWS (Source) + pisumsativum@tumblr + Kissme4Ukiss

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